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The Pandemic Transitioned the Legal Industry Into the Digital Age

Covid-19 forced businesses and social interactions to rely on technology because of social distancing rules exacerbated by fear. The legal industry, being no exception, was forced to embrace technology, shedding unnecessary ritual and processes. The result became a more efficient industry, where client interests trump anachronistic conventions.

Yuri Vanetik

Google Bans Dozens of Apps Containing Illicit Data-Harvesting Software

Everything from the weather to prayer apps were found to contain hidden code that could harvest a user's location, email address, phone number and more.

7 Ways Small Businesses Can Use SEO to Boost Customer Service and Growth

Most know that increased search engine visibility boosts website traffic, but what are the best ways of applying it to enhance the customer experience?

What My Over-Dependence on Grammarly Taught Me About Our App-Addicted Culture

As a writer, I recognize the value that apps like Grammarly have brought to me, but it's a double-sided coin.

Use These 5 Keys to Unlock Data Agility

Too often companies expend so much effort in security that truly profitable data application is sacrificed: proven ways of ensuring both.

Fei Zou

How to Build a Strong NFT Community

This new investment vehicle uniquely requires the support of an associated community: the keys to creating one that's vigorous and loyal.

5 Ways to Provide a Positive Customer Experience in Ecommerce

Today, consumers have many online shopping options to choose from, making the customer experience a key competitive differentiator for ecommerce companies.

Healthcare Automation Is the Key to Eliminating Waste

We break down the problem and how to solve it.

Ravi Ika

How One Business Transforms Everyday Spreadsheets Into Sophisticated Financial-Planning Tools

DataRails CEO Didi Gurfinkel talks with 'Entrepreneur' about how business-finance professionals can make the most out of today's advanced technology.

Jessica Abo

Use Affiliate Marketing to Create a Loyal Audience

The travel and tourism industry requires marketing innovation more than ever before, and an affiliate-based approach continues to be a profitable investment, but how to pick the right ones?

Ivan Baidin

Discover Python, the World's Most Popular Programming Language

If you want to learn to code, Python can be a great way to start.

Want To Reach Millions With Your Video Content? Try FAST Platforms

"FAST" is a growing competitor to cable and major streaming services. Entrepreneur is joining, and you might want to get involved too.

Kim Kavin