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3 Pillars of an Effective Cyber Intelligence Strategy

Cyber intelligence has always been crucial, but recent developments have made getting accurate and timely information on potential cybersecurity threats even more urgent.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape Our Future

We'll witness the creation of industries that are unimaginable now. Here's what you need to know.

Bitcoin Miner Bit Digital Expanding With Second U.S. Office in Miami

Bitcoin miner Bit Digital said it would be leasing space in Miami Beach for its second US location.

Nicholas Pongratz

Smartphones Could Be Next in Global Chip Shortage

According to industry experts, the global chip shortage that has hit the automotive sector so hard could spread into 2022 and affect smartphone manufa...

Cristian Bustos

Should We Be Worried About the Global Chip Shortage?

Industry leaders disagree on how long the crisis will last.

Ariel Shapira

Global X Becomes Latest Firm to File for Bitcoin ETF

Exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider, Global X, has submitted a filing of its own with the SEC for a bitcoin ETF.

Matthew De Saro

5 Critical Website-Traffic Metrics You Should Know

Website traffic is one of the most important metrics of an online marketing campaign, but to fully understand it, you need to break it down into several sub-metrics.

Ross Jenkins

It wasn't Bitcoin mining! All 3,800 PlayStation played FIFA to get prizes and resell them

The investigation revealed that the 3,800 PlayStation 4s, which they initially thought were used for Bitcoin mining, were actually programmed to automatically play FIFA and earn Ultimate Team cards.

How Effective Employee Communication Boosts Productivity

Effective communication amongst members of the workforce is capable of scaling business whether small or large.

James Jorner

HalloApp, The Ad-Free Social Network That Challenges Facebook

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and WhatsApp have a new rival in the market. It is called HalloApp and promotes itself as the "first network of real relation...

Cristian Bustos

Meet the Budget-Friendly Alternative to Zoom

ElevenSight offers better engagement tools at a fraction of the price.