Jessica Wong

Jessica Wong

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Founder & CEO of Valux Digital

Jessica Wong, founder and CEO of Valux Digital, is a digital-marketing expert with more than 20 years of success driving bottom-line results for clients through innovative marketing programs aligned with emerging strategies.

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Why Consistency Is Vital to Your Branding Efforts

As a brand grows, consistency reinforces positive values and builds trust and credibility.

What Brands Need to Know About Social Commerce

Social commerce needs to be at the top of your list if your brand relies on online sales.

Understanding the Power of Design and Branding

Brand messages must be complemented by powerful design elements. Both must be consistently applied across all marketing channels in order to be effective.

5 Steps to Level Up Your Social-Commerce Strategy

A dynamic synergy of ecommerce and social media platforms, social commerce is proving to be a dependable sales driver: How to make it pay for you.

Align These 2 Communications Keys to Fast Track Your Business's Success

Businesses can improve their credibility and sales performance by putting brand values at the heart of their PR messages.

This Is the Future of Digital Ads. Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready?

Digital marketing is evolving rapidly, to be sure, but there are already proven ways of making certain that you both keep up and excel in this field.

6 Ways to Build Rock-Solid Business Relationships on LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains the most trusted social-media platform, in part because of its unique networking capabilities.

How to Realize Your Brand's Digital Potential With NFT Marketing

Although NFTs are a unique asset, using digital marketing to promote your NFT follows the same guidelines as all other digital-marketing processes.

4 Ways Real-Estate Pros Get Leads from Digital Marketing

With people relying on technology more than ever, now is the time to market your real-estate business in ways that better reach tech-savvy buyers.

Branding Is Indispensable. Are You Using It to Your Advantage?

Too often regarded as buzzword rather than bedrock, savvy and intentional branding is foundational to effective goal and market setting, PR efforts and ongoing success.

How to Create a Startup Website That Delivers

Websites aren't just for leaving contact information and hoping people will contact you. Your website inspires, captivates and converts users into customers.

How Targeted Programmatic Display Can Help Grow Your Business

Digital awareness, particularly in marketing, has become essential, and with programmatic display advertising, you can reach potential customers much more efficiently.

Start Your 2022 Marketing and Advertising Planning Today

As 2022 looks like a post-pandemic year, marketers need to prepare now for a fast-changing environment.

How Digital Marketing and Advertising Can Help Grow Your Ecommerce Business

Powerful digital marketing initiatives for 2022 that will make ecommerce retailers stand out in the crowd.

Stand Out From the Crowd With Cost-Effective SEO

Though many business owners understand the essential principles of search engine optimization, it's crucial to keep up with regular changes to stay on top.

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