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The Future of Data Localization in a Globalized World

How the balkanized landscape of data in motion - and the widely differing regional regulations protecting it - pose challenges for transnational businesses.

Rakesh Soni

The Government Is Not Immune to Account-Takeover Fraud, and That Could Be Trouble for You and Me

Agencies need to develop and implement risk-mitigation strategies to protect their constituents.

Using NFTs To Create Your Unique Digital Identity

Digital users are just users that can be distinguished by an Instagram photo or a Facebook profile. However, blockchain technology can be used to create a unique digital identity that...

Cristian Bustos

Learn the World's Most Popular Programming Language

Python is a great programming language for entrepreneurs.

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Shape the Future of Social Media

Methods of innovating with social technologies, and how we can explore an ethically better social-media frontier.

Top Apps and Software Entrepreneurs Can Get for Black Friday

Add value to your digital arsenal with great discounts right now.

How AI Is Poised to Help Humanity

From more accurate analyses of data-rich systems like weather to faster innovation to reducing drudgery, why machine learning is already - and will increasingly be - a boon for humankind.

Ari Goldberg

If you have 'An idea to change history' you can earn up to 250 thousand pesos in this initiative of History Channel

If you have a project to improve the world through technology and innovation, History Channel can reward your creativity. See how to sign up for the 'An idea to change history' initiative.

Brainstorm Anywhere with This Reusable Scanning Whiteboard

Digitize your whiteboard sessions with this clever device.

Is Travel Cash on Permanent Vacation?

Digital forms of payment are advancing all over the world, so is it any wonder that travel has become a largely cashless proposition?

Michael Orlando

Amazon, Apple, Fined $225 Million Over Antitrust Allegations In Italy

Big tech giants Amazon Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) were fined $225 million for establishing a “restrictive agreement” to prevent Apple products distributors in Italy from operating on the...

Cristian Bustos

Get 75 Percent off 2 TB of Cloud Storage With pCloud's Black Friday Promo

Why pay for cloud storage every year when you can make a single payment and enjoy the service for years to come?