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Trump Hits Biden on Raising the Minimum Wage

'How are you helping small businesses when you're forcing wages?' asked the president in last night's debate.
News and Trends

First Coronavirus Treatment Approved by the FDA

The drug has shortened recovery time for many hospitalized Covid-19 patients.
News and Trends

Inside the Launch of New Innovative Branded Content Company Amaze Media Labs

The multi-platform service unites brands and audiences through podcasts and live experiences.
Small Business Tips

Leading During a Pandemic

Documentarian and entrepreneur Soledad O'Brien shares her philosophy for leading in times of crisis.
News and Trends

Twitter Suspends Fake Accounts That Claim to Be Black Trump Supporters

This group of fake accounts received 265,000 retweets or Twitter mentions.
Ready for Anything

Soledad O'Brien on How to Get the Most Out of Your Team

Being a great boss means leaving your ego at the door, says documentarian and entrepreneur Soledad O'Brien.
Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch Ep. 1: What Could You Build With Another $500,000?

The premiere episode of our weekly pitch show's sixth season begins with space-saving gardens, a healthcare startup and a multi-million dollar sexual wellness company.
Small Business Survives and Thrives

6 Ways to Maximize Your Time While Working From Home

COVID-19 is stretching people thin, especially if they have kids at home. We asked six entrepreneurs: How are you managing your day...and your sanity?
Small Business Tips

Be Prepared For Anything

Food Network host and Top Chef star Carla Hall's advice for entrepreneurs: be proactive.

Leveraging The Power Of Blockchain: 4 Indian Entrepreneurs Who Embraced Technology In Their Business Models

Just like the worldwide Web, blockchain brings many opportunities for entrepreneurs; the following four were willing to take risk and pursued innovative projects
US Elections

Trump says he will not participate in a virtual debate with Biden

Organizers announced that the debate will take place virtually due to the president's COVID-19 diagnosis.
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Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster Has a Close Encounter With Mars

"Starman" gave the red planet a buzz during his epic space journey.
News and Trends

Microsoft Tells Employees That They Can Work From Home Permanently

The Bill Gates-founded software giant revealed its work from home plans in an internal message.

If You Are Afraid of Sharks, Don't Watch This

In Australia, a drone captures footage of a five-foot white shark inches away from pro surfer Matt Wilkinson.
Real Entrepreneurs

How a Constant Growth Mentality Resulted in a Multi-Million Dollar Acquisition for This Entrepreneur

Rich Hull breaks down how his streaming platform, Pongalo, was acquired by Spanish-language powerhouse VIX.