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100 Powerful Women

8 Founders Share the Biggest Lesson Helping Them Survive 2020

The past can be our greatest teacher. Here's how it's making these entrepreneurs smarter and stronger today.
100 Powerful Women

8 Ways Your Business Can (and Should) Stand for What You Believe In

Customers and employees expect companies to be socially engaged. We asked eight entrepreneurs how to do that authentically.
100 Powerful Women

How 8 Founders Are Preparing for Continued Economic Uncertainty

From embracing unexpected changes to leaning on their teams, here's how these entrepreneurs are playing defense.
100 Powerful Women

Time for a Change? These 8 Founders Switched Things Up During the Pandemic and Thrived

This year has been hard. But challenge often leads to the best ideas. These entrepreneurs share their biggest learnings.
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8 Ways Teams Can Be More Effective While Working From Home

Remote work is here to stay. Eight founders share the valuable lessons they've learned about their staff.
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8 Founders Share the Best Decisions They Made in 2020

They weren't always easy, but they've kept these businesses moving forward.
100 Powerful Women

Meet the Female Founders Who Are Making a Huge Impact in 2020

From our Oct/Nov issue, these powerful women are changing the game.
Small Business Tips

Embrace Diversity

Food Network and podcast host Carla Hall explains the power that company diversity brings to your brand.
Real Entrepreneurs

This Entrepreneur Wants to Bring Independence and Dignity to Mealtimes for Stroke and Paralysis Patients

Founder Ilana Herman discusses the genesis of her Independent Feeding Tray Inc. company.
Real Entrepreneurs

Concentrate on Living Richly, Not Dying Rich, Says This Entrepreneur

Joe Duran is on a mission to make the wealth management industry more about life and less about money.
Burger King

Burger King Belgium Launches Movement to Earn Michelin Star for Its New Burger

As of this writing, just 511 people have signed the fast-food business's petition.
Women Entrepreneurs

Sign Up for Free Courses Designed to Help Women Leaders Thrive

Cosmopolitan magazine has put together a free university that aims to inform and inspire women entrepreneurs with a curriculum of incredible speakers and mentors. Here's how to sign up.
Small Business Tips

Be Purpose Driven

Actor/Producer and founder of The Honest Company Jessica Alba encourages businesses to include giving back in their business models.

10 Under 20: Kid Food Entrepreneurs Fighting to Make a Difference

Check out the work of 10 young entrepreneurs who are working to solve environmental and food insecurity problems locally and globally.

How this Entrepreneur turned the pandemic into an opportunity

In terms of business opportunity in the supply chain of pharmaceutical products, there was always a huge demand in the industry even in pre-COVID-19 times, but now it has surely become the order of the day to actively monitor and ensure proper drug supplies by maintaining the pipeline inventory so no shortages should follow