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Elon Musk's Fortune Drops $50 Billion in Two Days

The loss narrows Musk's lead over Bezos, the founder of Amazon.

Watch the 60-Second Pitch That Landed a $500,000 Investment

Find out which companies impress our investors on another exciting episode of 'Elevator Pitch.'

Elon Musk's Brother, Kimbal Musk, Sells Tesla Stock Before Elon Musk Sinks Shares

Kimbal Musk sold off about $109 million of Tesla stock Friday, one day before his brother's Twitter poll that sunk shares in the company.

GE to Break Up Into Three Companies

The companies will each have a specific focus: Aviation, health care and energy.

Bitcoin Trades 7% Higher

Bitcoin was trading over 7% higher on Monday morning, priced around $66,105 per coin.

The Best Leadership Advice We Heard in 2021

Tips and quotes from our contributors that summarize what it's meant to have lead an organization or small business during a year like no other, and how to move that forward into 2022.

Tesla's 'Full Self-Driving' Gets Mixed Reviews

The software includes a suite of driver-assist features that are designed to enable cars to drive themselves in the future.

Scammers Make Off With $500,000 in Phished Crypto

Scammers netted about $500,000 in cryptocurrency in a new type of phishing campaign, according to Check Point Research.

How This Entrepreneur Helps Emerging Artists Build Sustainable Businesses

How this founder discovered a need in the talent and literary management industry.

Can a Sex-Enhancement Product Score a $100K Deal in 60 Seconds?

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SpaceX Astronauts Will Not Have Working Toilet on Flight Home

It is not clear how long the four astronauts will be on the capsule without a working toilet. 

Jeff Bezos Pledges $2 Billion to Battle Climate Change After Flying to Conference on Private Jet

The Amazon founder's grant program, known as the Bezos Earth Fund, will allocate a total of $10 billion to environmental protection.

Elon Musk Says Tesla Has Signed 'No Contract' With Hertz Yet

The rental agency announced last week it would be buying 100,000 new electric vehicles from Tesla in a move to electrify its fleet. 

Tesla Recalls Almost 12,000 US Vehicles

The recall will impact Model S, X, 3 and Y vehicles sold since 2017.