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Business News

Video Shows Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Sparring With MMA Fighters on a Floating Barge

The fighters flip, kick, and plunge into the water, all dramatically set to "Mission Impossible."


Crafting a Franchise Brand Story — The Secret Ingredient That Will Set You Apart From Competitors

It's not just about being different, but about owning that difference. A brand's story isn't just a narrative; it's the emotional and logical connection established with customers.

Health & Wellness

How This Creator Turned Personal Pain Into a Podcast and Community for People Facing Infertility Problems

Alison Prato discusses the launch and growth of Infertile AF Group, a space devoted to open and honest discussions about the challenges of infertility.

News and Trends

Payments Banks at Heart of India's Digital Story

Digital revolution in India has brought a paradigm shift in the banking system and financial transactions. The payment banks are at the heart of the ecosystem. The payments bank industry today is touching 150 million lives on a monthly basis, which is far larger than any other fitting category in the country.

News and Trends

How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Financial System

We live in an age of fintech, where such intermediaries are making life easier and affordable. Hence, technology needs to play a big role in it.

News and Trends

Active Discussions are Happening on Issues Related to Crypto Assets in G20 Under India's Presidency: Nirmala Sitharaman

In her inaugural address at the Global Fintech Fest 2023, Sitharaman also emphasized and called for global collaboration across different areas. She also urged the global investors and innovators to embrace India's resilient economy and its thriving fintech ecosystem.