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Meet the Top 5 Female Business Coaches You Need To Work With In 2023 The following five women have built businesses that truly help people to understand their unique communication skills, develop content that speaks to key audiences and manage their time effectively

By Srivatsa KR

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The world of business has become a limitless playground for those who understand how to communicate effectively, create impactful content and manage projects efficiently.

The recent pandemic has changed the way of work. It has become even more evident that developing a growth mindset is essential to surviving adverse times and to run a thriving business. There has also been an increasing demand for education to support the rise in entrepreneurship.

The following five women have built businesses that truly help people to understand their unique communication skills, develop content that speaks to key audiences and manage their time effectively. Their collective understanding of what it takes to shift your mindset into new levels of growth in business as well as, start and scale a business online, could just be what you need if you're looking to get into business, understand yourself better and multiply your income.

Phoebe Kuhn

Phoebe Kuhn is a powerful storyteller and writer who fuses her unique experience in digital marketing, communications, psychology and human behaviour into her coaching business. She is the Founder of Kuhn Communications and creator of 7-figure coaching business, The Content Emporium, which teaches digital entrepreneurs how to clarify their message, position their offers and develop content strategies that convert.

Using storytelling marketing, human design and practical mindset coaching digital entrepreneurs are taught how to produce memorable content that sparks conversations, elicits emotion and establishes an inextricable bond between brand and audience.

Phoebe's clients consist of multiple 5-, 6-, 7-figure business coaches with many of her clients residing all over Australia, Asia, America and Europe. Her unique programme has been the catalyst for many with clients often sharing that their content pieces have gone viral since completing her program.

Prior to starting her own coaching business, Phoebe held positions at some of Australia's fastest growing e-commerce, food and tech startups. She also worked for some of the world's top digital agencies where she managed digital projects for international automotive, banking and FMCG brands.

"I personally believe that communication is the most important skill all personal brands need to develop." Shares Phoebe. "When brands communicate well they are able to build intimate relationships with their customers and create lifelong connections."

Phoebe's passion for helping coaches and entrepreneurs develop magnetic messaging is evident, she offers free resources in her Facebook group to help anyone looking to improve their communication skills. Currently based in London, Phoebe is planning on launching her debut novel in December this year.

Carly Anna

Carly Anna is a well-respected business coach with a proven track record for helping clients scale their income and impact while working far less. Based in New Zealand, Carly holds a Masters in Applied Psychology and first began her coaching career in 2017, which has evolved into the creation of her now long waitlisted coaching business, The Midas Academy.

The Midas Academy has seen entrepreneurs experiencing misalignment and burn outs to step out of this stagnant period by taking them through internal mindset work which enables them to adjust their relationship with money and simplify their business operations. The term 'Midas' pertains to the reminder that wealth is a by-product of business but it should never be pursued at the expense of people, experiences and values that are sacred to the individual.

Carly demystifies the idea that you need a big audience to build a successful business, with 95 per cent of her revenue coming from her Instagram following. Despite her following having just reached over 1,000 followers, she is on track to surpass 7 figures in revenue by the end of 2022.

"You are the magic," Shares Carly. "And your income does not need to be limited by your smaller audience. Your reputation, your belief in what you sell and your ability to market and sell to your clients' needs is more important than the number of followers."

Whether it's adjusting your perspective on your relationship with money or simplifying a process, Carly's purpose-filled Midas touch has worked for hundreds of entrepreneurs who now experience success in their business in the most fulfilling way.

Lorna Davis

Lorna Davis is a well-recognised PMP professional and a leading business coach to entrepreneurs and corporate professionals looking to step up their game in the project management industry.

Early in her career Lorna saw how difficult it can be to gain recognition and the salary you deserve in the competitive PMP industry, which led her to do a lot of research and self-study after hours. Her resilience and persistence paid off as she soon became recognised as the go-to project manager that get's it done.

Lorna quickly created a name for herself and was frequently sought after for advice and support from others old and new to the industry. This led her to create The Project Maverick, a coaching program that aims to help professionals enhance their PMP skills and develop multi 6-figure incomes.

In Lorna's signature program, The Project Cultivator program, she combines her experience in business management, project planning, service delivery and relationship management to help her clients become Project Mavericks.

"I'm passionate about seeing BIPOC women achieve the financial freedom and flexibility they desire, which is why I created The Project Cultivator program." Shares Lorna. "I also understand how challenging the PMP exam is which is why I created a free eBook which helps those studying the PMP exam attain the knowledge they need to know before going for the exam."

Lorna's skills and knowledge has helped transform the lives of hundreds of people. Her program has been hailed as the go-to-program to join to help you navigate and climb the ladder in the PMP industry.

Elle Crawford

Elle Crawford is a female business coach and mentor to women looking to package their knowledge into high ticket offers and hit 6-figure incomes in 90 days, with or without a large following.

Elle has experienced it all, health problems, exhaustion and at one point she almost went bankrupt. In 2018, Elle almost lost everything but despite the odds stacked against her Elle continued to strive towards a future she dreamed of. Elle was working full time at the time and was running a side hustle in digital marketing which she would work on after hours.

Gradually, due to the long exhausting days Elle fell out of love with her business and in 2020, right in the middle of lockdown Elle launched her online coaching business, The Consulting CEO. Determined to make it a success, Elle grew the business to 6-figures in 90 days.

"There is no such thing as a 'right time' to start a business. When I started my business I was barely scraping by, then COVID hit but I dived right in, invested in myself and I made it work." Shares Elle.

Elle has helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs to start their own online business, clarify their niche, and develop their own programs. Her mentorship has seen her clients create multi 6 figure businesses within 90 days. Her story and expertise has shown the world that no matter what stage you are in in your life, with the right mindset you can break the ceiling and achieve anything.

Leanne Melody

Leanne Melody is an up-and-coming intuitive business coach and social media strategist. Based in Australia, Leanne's coaching business Impact Empire teaches entrepreneurs, content creators and coaches how to elevate their personal brand and tell powerful stories online.

Prior to becoming a business coach Leanne was once a highly skilled makeup artist who worked on Hollywood sets. Leanne previously won the Best Job in the World competition which gave rise to her global adventure of creating content while traveling for international brands. Soon after the competition ended, Leanne found herself continuing the dream and remained in the travel and marketing industry. However, Leanne's career in marketing and travel soon came to halt with the disruption of the pandemic.

Not one to sit idly, Leanne's calling to create an impact saw her invest in mentors and coaches to help her develop her business idea.

"Making content can be awkward if you don't know how to use your voice," Explains Leanne. "People often freeze up on camera and sometimes perfectionism can leave you to not show up at all. This is where I am able to help."

Over the last two years, Leanne has created a multi six-figure business and has mentored clients into collectively earning over $1,000,000.

Starting a business can often be nerve racking and overwhelming and at times you might feel like you're doing too much or not doing enough at all. It's important to find the right balance to keep you on track.

Learning from these top five female entrepreneurs can help you halve your learning time, strengthen your personal, and help you develop a more fulfilling entrepreneurial journey into 2023.

Srivatsa KR

Start-up enthusiast & Blogger