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The Top Female Entrepreneurs Disrupting the Business World In 2022 There are many females who have been creating big waves in entrepreneurship recently

By Srivatsa KR

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Business ownership amongst females is on the rise. As a woman in business, you must be tough and resilient. You need the resilience of steel because there are many challenges that come with entrepreneurship, mentally as well as financially.

One reason for this rise in female entrepreneurship is that women have more opportunities available to them now than ever before. They're encouraged and supported at every level from school, as well as through their careers which give them the confidence they need to become entrepreneurs.

There are many females who have been creating big waves in entrepreneurship recently. However, here are 6 business women you should know about in 2022. These women are set to change the world in their own unique way and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Kierra Butcher

Kierra Butcher, also known as The Fast Track Girl, is the go-to expert for selling digital items on Etsy. As the Etsy business coach, she has been helping women create a passive income from home, especially stay-at-home moms.

Her passion and dedication in helping women have seen hundreds create new sources of income, making thousands every month without the typical types of work stay-at-home moms often do.

Her meteoric rise to start selling digital products on Etsy was a great awakening after she struggled with depression. By then, she was a stay-at-home mom. Kierra started making videos and sharing her unfiltered journey on TikTok. Her primary goal in creating the videos was to encourage and educate others to follow in her footsteps.

Even greater, though Kierra feels proud to have grown to such a level that it's not just her alone but has built a team. "To be able to provide a job and income for multiple people, making a positive impact in their lives, that is something that truly hits different, fulfilling you in a whole different way."

Stacey Sargison

Stacey Sargison is the #1 instant transformation success coach. As a self-made millionaire, she helps entrepreneurs 100X their sales confidently without selling their soul or pretending to be someone else.

This no BS woman has served a range of clients from burgeoning entrepreneurs to NASA pioneers, Hollywood celebrities, rugby world cup players, formula 1 engineers, multiple 8-figure entrepreneurs, and record-breaking personal development gurus.

With an excellent experience of over a decade in the online coaching space, she has managed to create over 867 Million impressions in the media and counting. She has also spoken at TEDx in Boston and featured in BBC, Forbes, The Times, Guardian, and many more.

However, Stacey has also faced many challenges. She has suffered a divorce, bankruptcy during a pandemic, and also two cancer scares in a few weeks. Yet, she managed to emerge victoriously to create her successful wealth and have unapologetic confidence to face anything in life. She's now inspiring others who are courageous enough to use their adversities for good in attempting a world record by contributing to the largest visual representation of women entrepreneurs.

Allyjana Marie Angeles

Allyjana Marie Angeles is a phenomenal name in the health and fitness industry. This fitness and mindset coach has helped hundreds of women break free from diet culture, build strong bodies, and develop the confidence to show up powerfully in their lives.

She is the founder of The Empowered Woman Project, a place where strong, healthy, and confident women are built.

Allyjana came from a corporate job where she felt unfulfilled. She chose to build her own online business from scratch even without prior business experience. She hired coaches and mentors with her last savings. Guess what? It paid back tenfold, and within a year, Allyjana was already enjoying twice her income and broadening her impact globally.

Today, Allyjana is helping female entrepreneurs and leaders develop strong bodies and minds. She helps women wholeheartedly believe in themselves and find worth beyond the weight on the scale. She guides them to uncover their purpose and understand their "why' if they want their success to be sustainable. Understanding her "why' made her overcome the challenges of the pandemic, which had made her gym close down.

However, she knew that many women still needed her help. It is her "why" that made her disrupt the industry amid a biting pandemic.

Kim Woods

In the business world, intuition is being talked about more and more. However, intuitive strategy, or the combination of intuition with the standard strategic methods, is not.

Kim Woods, The Intuitive Business Strategist, helps business leaders shed the expectations of others to live their true life purpose. She combines her powerful, intuitive gifts with 30+ years of business experience through her revolutionary Do You Know, Like and Trust Yourself™ Process, which turns the traditional KLT factor inside out. So instead of customers needing to know, like, and trust you, YOU know, like, and trust yourself, because Kim believes when you do, "you make better decisions, strengthen support and attract your soul mate clients."

As a boutique firm, Kim's always looking for ways to reach more people. She has a book coming out in Q3 2022 giving insights into knowing, liking, and trusting yourself. Since this is a difficult question to answer, she's created a quiz with six archetype results. The thousands who've taken the quiz better understand how their intuition works and discover ways to use intuitive strategy in their daily lives and businesses.

Kim's talent of relying on ancient wisdom for deep energetic analysis, divination readings, and meditative tools, plus an innate ability to download the requisite business models combined with practical experience for industry trends and projections, are incredibly unique.

Sharon Smith-Akinsanya

Sharon Smith-Akinsanya is the CEO of Rae Mackenzie Group (RMG), and the Founder of The Black C-Suite™. She is leading the charge to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in corporate America. Whether it be through advising Fortune 500 Corporations and CEOs, creating career-advancing content for Professionals of Color, authoring books, or promoting the importance of DEI through media appearances, Sharon is dedicated to finding ways to make real change trackable. Sharon helps three core segments: Corporations, Leaders, and Professionals of Color.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sharon took her revolutionary in-person model to a national online format in 2020 by way of PeopleOfColorCareers.com—a platform providing an opportunity for companies to make good on their pledges to make real change in how they recruit Talent of Color. The training is extensive in its scope, including tips on how to initiate conversations with Professionals of Color, how to embrace authenticity, how to identify blindspots and self-check biases, and how to avoid DEI landmines. Recruiters complete the modules with insight on how they can make THE SHIFT from process-focused recruitment to relationship-focused recruitment; how they can move from transactional interactions to purposeful ones by elevating networking and prospecting.

Kathryn Ford

Kathryn Ford is a Celebrity Coach and Consultant and award-winning Women's Empowerment Expert. She has graced the attention of celebrities like Robin Roberts and Suzanne Somers, and designs incredible next chapters for women who are ready to make the rest of their life, the best of their life.

Kathryn started the "Excellence Institute" with the vision of empowering women to up-level and transform their lives, and aim for a more beautiful and luxurious lifestyle, while learning the use of highly effective tools to shift mindset and develop an expansive and abundant way of living.

Kathryn is in a category all her own when it comes to showing you how to get into alignment with your dreams, all while experiencing deeper levels of happiness, well-being, and peace of mind. In addition, she teaches you how to master the feminine creative power, which is one of her secrets to working smarter rather than harder when it comes to living with an abundance of vibrant health, deep and lasting love, and time and financial freedom.

The female voice is the new frontier for entrepreneurship. Women are the backbone of our society. They're entrepreneurs, leaders and role models in every industry from coaching to business strategy.

These top 6 female entrepreneurs are some of the most driven, intelligent and passionate women in the entrepreneurial world. They're great leaders who have a vision for their future as well as a strong understanding about what it takes to get there - which is why they've been so successful.

Srivatsa KR

Start-up enthusiast & Blogger