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4 Ways to Build a More Positive Mindset

Don't let negative factors impact you, your leadership, or your business.


5 Unconventional Ways to Bolster Employee Productivity

With this new era of managing employees in and out of the office, here are some useful ideas for keeping everyone on task and happy about the work.


Is It Time to Embrace the Four-Day Workweek in Europe?

Happy, healthy, satisfied employees typically produce better work, regardless of how many days or hours they're allocated per week to do that.


Some of the Best Startup Events to Attend in Europe This Summer

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Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Should Your Business Make Its Own Cryptocurrency?

Businesses of all sizes are finding cryptocurrency useful in ways they never expected.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

How European Business Owners Can Embrace Crypto

While crypto continues to heat up, it's not too late to consider whether it makes sense for your brand or for you personally.