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Business News

Soaring Ethanol Prices Could Impact European Businesses

Last year, European wholesale gas prices went up by a record-breaking 400 percent. If you aren't already budgeting for unpredictable spikes, you might want to.

Growing a Business

5 Ways to Start the Year Off Right

It's a time of new beginnings for not only your business, but you, too.

Business News

Holiday Shopping: Omicron Restrictions Have European Businesses Leaning on E-commerce

It appears the latest Covid-19 restrictions and related concerns across Europe are sending holiday shoppers online while in-person business stalls.

Business News

European Gig Workers May Soon Be Classified as Employees

Employee status would grant benefits and protections to millions of gig economy workers.

Money & Finance

Money Makeover: Euro Banknotes Are Getting a New Design

Soon, if someone hands you a 20-Euro note and it doesn't look quite right, it might not be a counterfeit.