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Growth Strategies

When Entrepreneurship is All About Development

In 8 years, they have have achieved a current turnover of over Rs. 5 crores/month.


Heading a Trading Business, This Woman is Breaking Stereotypes with Flamboyance

"I was initiated into the sector at an early age, and by now, have come to understand the finer nuances of the business very well."


For Women Entrepreneurship by Woman Entrepreneur

"However, our experience of working with organisations as consultants, revealed the complexities of the situation."

Growth Strategies

Making Art Livelihood: Redefining Entrepreneurship

The responsibility of feeding the family was suddenly on me," recounts Lovely.


Why 'Walking BookFairs' is Probably The Country's Only Book Mobile

Walking BookFairs was born with the idea of taking books to more people everywhere.


Meet the Entrepreneur with Exclusive License of Leading Global Brands

"The entrepreneurship scenario in Bengal," according to Yashovardhan, "has witnessed a major paradigm shift and Bengal has come a long way.