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Edutech start-up Prozo.com aims to become 'Google' of education sector

Prozo strives to provide competitive exam aspirants the best of educational resources.

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Encouraging entrepreneurship as a career option among youth

India, as an emerging economy, is ensuring that entrepreneurship is embraced as a career choice for the young.

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Is it time to shut down your business? Don't ignore these 9 signs

Here are a few classic signals that show it's time to close your existing business and start afresh.


Food ordering & discovery platform Zomato integrates Paytm Wallet for seamless online payments

Paytm Wallet is the first mobile wallet to be integrated into Zomato, and allows for a smooth in-app cashless payment experience.


Flipkart latest acquisition move aims to build a stronger payments ecosystem

With fuelling online sales, the digital payment industry has been witnessing new innovation and rapid development.