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Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2022

The world's next Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are already in the making. In 2022, keep an eye out for these top successful entrepreneurs

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It might be challenging to remain up to date with useful creations given how quickly businesses are changing. Therefore, in order to save you time, we sorted through a lengthy number of impactful entrepreneurs to identify 5 incredibly smart and inventive business people that are bringing much-needed change to a variety of sectors. By offering simple, cost-effective solutions to build applications for your company, these entrepreneurs are transforming how people employ, communicate, authenticate, and more.


Continue reading to know the 5 entrepreneurs who have shaken the world in their field and see how their ideas might help with the daily grind.

Mario Nawfal

At a very young age, Mario Nawfal is already a serial founder and owner of multiple successful ventures. His latest company NFT Tech, an NFT and Metaverse holding company went public on Canadian and European stock exchanges earlier this year.

Mario Nawfal is also the host of the largest live show in crypto, The RoundTable, a gathering spot for prolific web3 entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts which boasts an average of over 50,000 listeners per episode.

Starting his entrepreneurial journey through an e-commerce brand in Australia by starting Froothie, Mario is thriving. With just $300 capital, Mario bootstrapped Froothie to $1 million in year one and over $10 million in year two. He has since bootstrapped multiple ventures, most notably IBC Group in 2017, now considered one of the leading incubators in the space.

Mario also boasts an alternate life as a bachata artist, travelling the world dancing at some of the world's largest festivals.

Kim Barrett

A lead generation expert, marketer, author, speaker, and trainer, Kim Barrett of Your Social Voice, is a world-renowned social media marketer. Kim has added over $150m to businesses all over the world. His digital marketing agency has helped businesses grow to 6 and 7 figures by executing marketing strategies and helping them put the right puzzle pieces together to grow their business. Kim additionally assists experts to achieve a 17x ROI from their advertisements through the mogul system.

This marketing expert was awarded the 30 Under 30 award from Anthill Australia in 2015 and was placed on Perth's Influential 100 list in 2014 and 2015.

Named Australia's top social media marketer, Kim has been creating and optimizing lead generation funnels for clients. Over the years, Kim has had the opportunity to run advertising for Reese Witherspoon, Gary Vaynerchuck, ASX-listed companies, and more.

The award-winning marketer has visited over 31 countries, trained in 9 nations, and is the world's only certified baller and tequila connoisseur. Kim also owns a podcast where he reveals his secrets to generating more leads, converting them to sales, and scaling the business.

With over 17 years of experience, Kim now envisions helping businesses worldwide become self-sustainable!

Kyle Kirshner

An Amazon FBA expert who now teaches new entrepreneurs how to sell products on Amazon, Kyle Kirshner realized the opportunities that lay ahead of him and took every chance he was given. Kyle started with a warehouse job at a private label electronics company which was earning $20 million annually on Amazon when he was just 15.

Over the years, Kyle learned how they ran their business from launching products to getting reviews. After working for 6 years, Kyle quit the company to start his own private label Amazon brand.

Since then, Kyle has become a 7-figure Amazon seller and never looked back. Till now, Kyle has already helped 100 people to make a sustainable living from Amazon. His vision is to grow this number and help more people in earning their living.

Sahil Sachdeva

Sahil Sachdeva is a serial entrepreneur who has received numerous international awards. Sahil's entrepreneurial journey began with his first start-up, Takenz, which was based on the rental concept. This company served as the foundation for his entrepreneurial journey.

Today, Sahil is a successful PR expert and the founder & CEO of Level Up PR. With over 1000+ clients across 25 countries, the company serves some of the most famous personalities in curating a stellar online presence.

At just the age of 25, this young Indian entrepreneur won the prestigious award, Indian Achievers' Award, in 2021, for the success his firm brought to its clients. Sahil is ambitious to grow Level Up PR to exponential heights and help other entrepreneurs grow in their specific niches too.

Behnam Bargh

Behnam has an entrepreneurial mindset with an interest in several diverse businesses. Behnam's core focus is on real estate, and he is the Managing Director of CRC, a leading commercial real estate brokerage and valuation in the UAE. Behnam Bargh is the founder of other successful startups such as Open Hub Business Center Chain and VIP Club Concierge Services.

Behnam's key interest area is in the digitalization of conventional businesses. He has been a partner in several tech businesses like, DAFL Football App,, and Houza, and currently completing his Ph.D. research about Digital Leadership Practices in the Emerging Markets.

Behnam is dedicated to seeking and converting new opportunities into successful businesses through developing meaningful relationships with clients, partners, and team members. Behnam believes a successful business needs to have a customer focus approach and tailor unique solutions to provide value to them.