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Top Entrepreneurs Changing the World: From Realtors To Coaches To Tech Entrepreneurs These ten top entrepreneurs are wowing the world with innovation and perseverance

By Srivatsa KR

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These ten top entrepreneurs are wowing the world with innovation and perseverance. Three coaches are helping businesses transform, saving their bottom line and helping them reap new profits. Two recruiters capable of delivering specialized talent for hard-to-fill positions. One founder of a revolutionary tech matching platform, making tech buying easy and straightforward. A real estate agent that has been making waves on the Emerald Coast. The founder of a truly sustainable footwear company. A makeup and lifestyle company empowering women to be their best. And the dynamic duo that started a popular blockchain-based e-commerce platform.

Stefanie Krievins

The Stefanie Krievins & Co. team works with executives, departments, management, and others to bring out the best and help people hit their goals. They lift teams beyond their superficial or symptomatic problems through specially designed coaching programs focused on people and change. The range of programs offered include skill-building, one-on-one coaching, group coaching, workshops, on-demand training and more. "More than ever, entrepreneurs and CEOs need teammates who can keep up with the speed of change in technology, customer needs, and all external forces. All skills successfully taught by my team," said Stefanie Krievins, Founder.

Tyson Scott

Tyson Scott leads Balance Staffing by its core values of passion, integrity, innovation, and relationships. He is relentlessly focused on continuous improvement through technology while simultaneously building better client partnerships. Recently, Tyson spearheaded the expansion of the organization by adding the Omnitech brand to their suite of workforce solutions. Omnitech is the technical, professional, and executive search arm of Balance that targets specialized professionals using an executive headhunting strategy. "Each role within Balance Staffing contributes to our greater goal of bringing people and businesses together in ways that change lives," said Tyson Scott, CEO.

Nate Clayberg

Over the years, Nate Clayberg, CEcD, learned that it's hard for people to find purpose in their careers. So after changing career paths and finding a passion for solving problems, he started helping the younger generation find their way. He consults with and coaches students and families guiding self-discovery and bringing awareness to their options after graduation. "When a person can truly discover what kind of work fits their passion and purpose, it creates a confidence in how they develop their plan and gain education and experience to achieve that goal," said Nate Clayberg, Founder.

Tonya Turrell

Tonya Turrell founded The Launchpad to connect IT buyers with technology partners who are a precise fit for their company's unique IT needs. The Launchpad makes vetting and connecting with vendors effortless, accelerating their discovery process. IT vendors are afforded the opportunity to display their skills and specialties. "The Launchpad is changing the way technology is bought and sold – as a matchmaking service, rather than inundating IT buyers with sales calls. Our vetting process allows us to match IT leaders to the right providers for them, so they can complete IT projects on time and on budget," said Turrell.

Beau Blankenship

Beau Blankenship has a passion for people and luxury properties on the Emerald Coast. In 2017, Blankenship founded the luxury real estate firm, Engel & Völkers 30A Beaches as License Partner and quickly formed Blankenship Group, a team of knowledgeable real estate advisors within the firm two years ago. The team's unmatched drive and commitment to white-glove service afforded Blankenship #1 in the state for sales volume within Engel & Völkers. "Surrounding yourself with competent, hard-working individuals, staying consistent and putting the best systems in place for each transaction is a direct line to success in real estate," said Blankenship.

Jamie Riley

Jamie Riley built Pharma Search Partners after a successful career as a Marine. When he got into the Pharmaceutical staffing industry, learning about drug development and discovery and working with leading companies to help them attain top talent became a passion. His clients have been with him for an excess of 15 years and, to this day, rely on him for strategic complex scientific staffing. His enthusiasm for the industry and people makes seeing his part in the development of new compounds come to market a joy knowing he helped by putting the right people in place.

Mauricio Laniado

Mauricio Laniado founded Juntos to empower people to look good and do good through the footwear choices they make. Juntos sells sustainable footwear that also supports business and conservation in South America as well as in-need children in Florida. The shoes are stylish with alpaca wool and banana fiber uppers and 100% non-toxic soles composed of a bio-based sugarcane EVA. The company is proof that sustainability is accessible and can create profitable business models. Check out their men's and women's styles and buy a pair of Juntos sustainable shoes today.

Chad Carden

Founder of The Carden Group, Chad Carden, engages with organizations to improve their #1 asset — their people. TCG uses a personalized approach with each client to create an environment for lasting change and better results. By including all levels of the organization, leaders and employees alike experience improved communication and collaboration, an engaging work culture, and fulfillment within their roles. "Your people ultimately impact your culture. Focusing on engagement, fulfillment and even stronger working relationships is vital as you improve your organization," said Carden.

Ashlee Kleinschmidt

After falling in love with fashion and makeup at a young age, it was only fate that Ashlee Kleinschmidt would own a makeup and lash bar and fashion & lifestyle boutiques. Luxe XII Lifestyle and Luxe XII Plus offer women ways to affordably elevate their style. The Muah Makeup and Lash Bar is where women can come and experience a glamorous application, at an affordable price. Both ventures empower clients by enhancing their natural beauty and style. Shop the Luxe XII Lifestyle to look expensive for less! Visit the Muah Makeup and Lash Bar for in shop makeup and lash services, bridal makeup, and makeup classes.

Aharon Bernal and Daniel Dabek

Aharon Bernal and Daniel Dabek founded SafeX Market (TWM) to provide the world with an alternative to "big-box" eCommerce. SafeX Market offers a more secure environment; they neither collect data to leverage against you nor collect large fees. Every sale on the Market is transacted using Safex Cash ($SFX), The SafeX Blockchain collects a 5% fee from every item sold during each 1000-block interval and is added to the Safex Commission Pool, the total fees accumulated in the Commission Pool are allocated to all eligible Staked ($SFT) autonomously. The remaining 95% goes immediately to the merchant's account.
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