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5 Successful Entrepreneurs To Follow In 2021 Their hardship provides inspiration to strive through and each milestone provides motivation to achieve higher

By Frantisek Hrinkanic

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Entrepreneurship is an art and science. It is a skill that can neither be inherited nor be taught fully. To master it, one needs observation, inspiration and diligence. According to Merriam-Webster, an entrepreneur can be defined as "one who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise". There are over 500 million entrepreneurs in the world but only a few succeed. Following the footsteps of these successful entrepreneurs and learning from their experiences can bring one closer to the real understanding of the hardships involved and how to overcome them. Their hardship provides inspiration to strive through and each milestone provides motivation to achieve higher. Here is a list of few such entrepreneurs who started on their own feet and stumbled upon success.

Caroline Forbes

Caroline Lee is the co-founder and CEO of CocoSign. It's a tech-based solution that allows users to digitally sign documents that are legally valid.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020, business movement and physical exchange of documents was put on hold. Since the businesses were operating online, she realised the requirement of a digital signature platform. That's how the company came into being.

A techie by mind and an entrepreneur by heart, Caroline identified the opportunity and used technology to transform the workstyles. She has used the power of content to present her brand and product in the simplest language.

Being the CEO, her words and actions directly influence the business. Keeping this in mind, she ensures her marketing game is on point. She has been synonymous with entrepreneurial success, but life wasn't always so rosy. In the beginning, she didn't have enough power to build her own company. Entrepreneurs often face hurdles that may be financial, technical, or mental. "In the tech world, my dream was to build something unique that helps people make their lives easier."

So, she took up the challenge to build a company from scratch that is beneficial for people in their everyday lives. I started from small and made my software helpful.

John Qreshi

John Qreshi is a successful business leader and spiritual guide who has helped hundreds of thousands of people through his Quantum Spiritual Center and literary publications. Located in New York's Manhattan, he has risen from the gutter of despair to the skyscrapers of Wall Street in the space of only two decades.

John has spent his entire life motivating others with his insights and his inspiring story. He has given people certainty in the most uncertain times and taught them how to be happy and creative through a process of self-healing and inner engineering. As a master trainer of neuro linguistic programming and founder of Quantum Breakthrough Therapy, he fundamentally believes in the mantra "giving is living', and his spiritual leadership has transformed the lives of businessmen and women everywhere.

He has built a multi-million-dollar empire that continues to grow and give people the clarity they seek to build success. Through the lessons he learned from the years living on the dusty poverty-strewn streets of his birth, he embraced the idea of turning his weaknesses into strengths.

It is his passion for this journey that makes him unique in today's business world and what drives him forward to achieve ever-greater success.

Ms Pui Yi

At just 22, Ms Pui Yi ventred into the entrepreneurial world with her cosmetics brand Ms Pui Yi Cosmetics. Ms Pui Yi Cosmetics was established to create alluring moments in everyone's walk of life through the products offered by the brand. She believes that it is no longer what you put on your body to look good but it is also how the product makes you feel in creative memories of your life.

This now-23 years old girl started her career at a very young age and quickly sprung up her way to stardom ever since. A natural born entrepreneur, model and mega social media influencer, Ms Pui Yi is well known in the industry. She is on a continuous effort in diversifications of her own dream which to have her own empire.

She is now in the league of millions and this is only the start of her journey.

Hannes Rydell

The 21-year-old CEO of the golf booking system Back Nine, is a firm believer that lack of capital should not hinder anyone from starting a business. He says that if the business plan is solid and worthwhile, many prominent business people are willing to fund the business.

Hannes started his company while playing Division 1 golf at a university in Florida. He later connected with a business advisor who showed him the basics of launching a business. Even with the baby steps, Hannes enjoyed every bit of it until he pitched his idea to widely recognized entrepreneurs. They gladly accepted the business plan and funded him. Within a year, Back Nine managed to connect over 40 golf clubs and increase its user base to over fifteen thousand.

The young CEO was also among the youngest founders who got accepted into Business Sweden's Leap Accelerator and Web Summit ALPHA startup program. To date, he has raised more than $200,000 from external investors, and won several entrepreneurial awards along the way.

Ryan Zimmerman

Ryan Zimmerman is a serial entrepreneur. From humble ice cream truck beginnings, Zimmerman now helms the global apparel manufacturer Arzee International and recently launched an innovative fitness product, Buckleband.

From a young age, Zimmerman always had an entrepreneurial spirit – he saw his father the late Ken Zimmerman create the fashion powerhouse Kenar from scratch, using then-innovative advertising techniques like putting supermodels on gigantic billboards in Times Square. After college, which included numerous businesses like his ice cream truck at the University of Arizona, Zimmerman launched a unisex clothing line, Arzee, whereby he quickly received his education in the fashion world. Here Zimmerman learned an interesting lesson though: the world of manufacturing was truly difficult to navigate. Zimmerman thus saw the greater opportunity of filling this void, and Arzee pivoted to Arzee International, his manufacturing business with offices now in Los Angeles and Mexico City, and a wide array of notable clients.

Zimmerman has simultaneously turned his passion for fitness into a business as well, creating Buckleband, the first ever premium resistance band and the first ever resistance band with a buckle. Buckleband is newly launched and already creating a buzz. As Zimmerman says, Buckleband is so simple, but there is nothing like it in the market.

Inspiration is everywhere, we just need to be open to it. In addition to these entrepreneurs, there are many others whom you can follow for learning. For example, David Rose, CEO of Deals Base has been an internet retail entrepreneur for several years. He focuses on B2C cross-border export e-commerce and is committed to bringing high-quality goods, efficient supply chain and top class customer service to the world.

Inspiration helps us to open ourselves to new possibilities transcending over personal experiences and limitations. It instils a "can-do' attitude.

Frantisek Hrinkanic

Entrepreneur, author and investor

Frantisek Hrinkanic is a young entrepreneur, author and investor whose hard-work paved his way from Slovakia to Miami within a couple of years.

His first venture, ‘Crypto Tips Academy’ was established in 2017 in Prague to help beginners learn about digital assets. From there, he has been working on many ventures to fulfill his dreams of helping others. Even though he is a self-made millionaire, Frantisek believes in humility and growing together as a community.