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Being A Mompreneur Being a mom to a 1 year old got me geared up for the roller coaster ride that entrepreneurship entails.

By Geetanjali Khanna

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Being a mom and an entrepreneur at the same time is the best multitasking high a workaholic woman can ever achieve. We proudly call ourselves the 'mompreneurs'. What's is that? I'll try and explain.

'Mompreneurs' are women who are efficient, confident and multi-tasker par excellence. We have perfected the balancing act between family commitments and work challenges. We have not only climbed up the corporate ladder but have struck out on our own as entrepreneurs all the while making sure our kids are prioritized and receive the attention they deserve. And the world better make for us because given the life we lead, with a little too much on our plate, we manage our lives on our own terms.

How I became a 'Mompreneur'?

Being a mom to a 1 year old got me geared up for the roller coaster ride that entrepreneurship entails. Running a early stage startup requires superlative multitasking, extended work hours, self motivation, an undying spirit to nurture despite of the steep learning curve, and an ability to use all the support systems around you to get the best output possible and never giving up! That's what I had learned from being a first time mom.

The surrounding ecosystem includes family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, supportive investors and a co-founder - they all helped me beat the initial challenges .

The fluid structure of a startup helped me come up with newer out of box solutions - 5 am to 12 noon work hours for me, automating repeat processes, have meetings over Skype and so on. If one sticks to a schedule and prioritizes on every step, finding the hours are never a problem. I loved every bit of the journey and managed every pressure coming on to me with passion and just kept moving ahead a step at a time.

As a child I had seen my mom, juggle family and work so beautifully that, it put me in a positive frame of mind from the word go ! Hence, running a startup while being a devoted mom came naturally to me.

Geetanjali Khanna

Founder & COO, Fastudent.com

Geetanjali Khanna is the Founder and COO at Fastudent.com, India's first complete DIY education ecommerce portal.
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