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CEO Aschraf Mahmud Planning His Next Real Estate Development In Mangalore His desire to venture into the real estate industry is born out of his passion to provide necessary assistance to individuals and corporate bodies

By Srivatsa KR

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The CEO Aschraf Mahmud, a seasoned entrepreneur with global experience in the business industry, has announced his plans to extend his business scope to real estate in Mangalore.

According to the German-body business guru, his desire to venture into the real estate industry is born out of his passion to provide necessary assistance to individuals and corporate bodies who are interested in exploring the industry.

The successful entrepreneur with a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Bonn fulfilled his dream of becoming one of the pioneers in the real estate industry when he moved to Dubai and formed Aras Group in 2015.

Through the company, he provides a host of real estate services such as development, financing, and management. His goal is to "continue to invest in the creation of iconic destinations to make a difference in the community we serve."

Core Areas

The Aschraf Mahmud team has been actively involved in the real estate industry in India and some European and Arab countries such as UAE and Germany. It's currently concentrating in Mangalore.

The company specializes in business, residential, and office buildings that meet clients' specifications by adopting the latest and globally-approved building practices and technologies.

The CEO is extending the opportunity to businesses, individuals, government agencies, and other bodies to leverage its years of experience and the latest building techniques to build offices and other buildings that meet global standards.

The company claims to be working on several projects across multiple fields, which includes the first residence, which is already launched, having all apartments sold out.


Real Estate Development: The real estate firm specializes in acquiring and growing properties that offer investors high investment returns through its value-driven approach. It searches for off-market opportunities that offer sustainable high market prices and inherent values.

Real Estate Brokerage: According to the Aschraf Mahmud team, the company also prospective real estate investors to acquire new homes or office spaces, invest in properties, and provide selling/buying consultancy in both the commercial and residential sectors. The goal is to help investors maximize their assets' values while providing professional assistance during the entire transaction process.

Project Financing: The highly-rated and experienced real estate firm also provides financial guidance on all aspects of the real estate industry, in order to simplify user's life, in terms of making decisions.

Leveraging its industry knowledge and real estate expertise, the company offers its clients equity recapitalization, debt advisory, investment management, capital allowance, and property financing.

Property Management: The team also offers property management series. It helps real estate investors to manage their properties regardless of their locations or nature. Experienced at every stage of the construction life cycle, the company assures prospective property owners of helping them to achieve their goals through its experience and team of property management experts.

Real estate investors can benefit from the company's forward-thinking and real insight guidance from its team of experienced and versatile experts.

Hence, the real estate firm promises to provide the best "property management services to clients and provide an enhanced experience for occupiers, tourists, shoppers, and residents, thanks to our customer-first approach, in-depth knowledge of property, and global presence."


Besides real estate, the highly experienced investor demonstrates his versatility by diversifying into different business areas such as banking, business brokering, and importing and exporting goods such as coffee, tea, cacao, and jewelry.

He also consults for leading enterprises by using his wealth of experience to help them build their businesses from scratch or to scale up.

Thus, prospective and existing real estate investors can benefit immensely from Aschraf Mahmud's proven track record in the industry to take their investment to the next level.


Official Personal Site: http://www.aschrafmahmud.com/

Official Business Site: https://www.aras-group.ae/en

Aras Group Instagram: https://instagram.com/arasgroupdubai

Aschraf Mahmud Instagram: https://instagram.com/aschrafmahmud
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