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How Technology Influences Social Media Businesses can now interact with their customers easily and portray the products and services in a much better and easier way with the help of technology

By Stefan Thurairatnam

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Technology has enabled the growth of several alternate channels to do business. It is visible in the way social media has seen a growth spurt. Mediums such as telecommunications, instant messaging, social networking sites, or the World Wide Web have become an integral part of our lives. Businesses can now interact with their customers easily and portray the products and services in a much better and easier way with the help of technology.

Social media

Social media is a vast network that includes various modes of communication with clients. It consists of email, instant messaging, social networking, telecommunications, blogs, videoconferencing, online business meetings and much more. Social media has become an indispensable part of a business as it is a very convenient way to communicate and get the work done. Social media has gained much more importance as technology too is becoming more user-friendly. There has been a growth in social-based operating systems and software applications.

Social media has become an important part of our lives and has transformed communication between brands and clients. Social media has evolved as a desired place to display brands. Businesses wish to promote their brands online as social media has a notable influence on consumer's purchasing decisions. It offers the convenience of finding and comparing the desired products online.

What makes social media so popular and effective?

People have started to invest a lot of time online, and thus, it has become one of the most effective tools to market the products. Social media has become an important tool to communicate and helps to establish faith between the brand and the user. People are highly influenced by the positive feedback posted about a brand by the social media influencer.

Worldwide, people refer to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to present the brand. But Instagram holds a better place among all. People's buying decisions are greatly influenced by social media influencers. Such is the impact of an influencer that people even buy Instagram followers to become quick Instagram influencers.

All the information shared digitally leaves a great impact on the customer. Today the audience rushes to see the social media posts to solve any query about their needs. Social media has become the best place to gather insights about the buying behavior of consumers. With the ever-growing competition, businesses do not want to miss out on the social media bit. Sometime back, the only purpose of social media was to get in traffic, but now it has evolved as a huge influence factor. Brands can easily interact with a new audience more quickly and easily.

There is increased brand visibility, bigger opportunities, and brands can easily build trust amongst the prospects. Social media has helped to reach the right prospect and has connected everyone globally. The purchase decisions are greatly impacted by the content's popularity, followers on the page, knowledge, quality of content, and expertise. Thus, when you buy Instagram followers or buy Instagram likes for your Instagram the popularity of the account increases drastically as it is directly proportional to the number of likes and followers on an Instagram account.


The growth of technology has transformed the ways to communicate. Technology has aided in the evolution of social media using various software, messaging applications, telecom networks, voiceover communications, social networks, videoconferencing, online chats, websites, interactive message boards, blogs and a lot more. The customers have access to some of the other forms of social media aided by technology, enabling better service and providing accurate information.

Influence on business

The effect of technology on social media has benefited businesses to a large extent. Internet-aided communication technologies connect you to clients within no time, and you can respond to all the queries quicker than before. The employees do not face any roadblocks such as lack of equipment, time zone differences, or distance issues to communicate and resolve the users' problems.

They can now communicate without any hassles with the use of technology. It has become easy for businesses to hire a global workforce and has also impacted productivity positively. Social media and technology have become easy solutions to communicate with customers even if you are out of the office. You can blog or use a social media network to stay connected with your customers.

Technology has had a lot of positive impacts on social media, but at times personal interaction can only do the magic. Sometimes employees feel overworked, leading to low productivity levels. You must consider these points to create a positive impact in the long run.

It has become almost impossible to live without social media. Scrolling social media pages and applications have become a part of our daily routines. Technology has surely changed the way we lead our lives now. With the growth in technology, accomplishing tasks on time, posting regular content, creative editing, and increasing productivity has been possible.

Mobile technology and the growth of social media

It is hard to imagine our lives without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media apps. With the advent of mobile technology, all these apps have become an integral part of our lives.

It has led to the expansion of social media. Cellphones are not just for making calls or sending text messages. They are now as good as a mini-computer. We all carry a smart mobile phone, and its accessibility to social media platforms has become a cakewalk. You can do all the interaction and research at your fingertips.

Mobile phones and social media are probably the best of friends. Access to Facebook or Instagram is no more through the laptop or desktop. People have started to spend a lot of time on mobile phones as it is much easier and convenient.

The emerging technology has also added a human element to it. A lot of communication-driven software has been developed, and social media interactions have become convenient. Businesses use social media to keep in touch with their clients and employees. These unconventional solutions are the need of the hour. Social media has emerged as the most effective tool to interact with clients and resolve issues too. With the increase in a human-friendly element of technology, social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses. Sending reminders about events or meetings on Facebook or posting about a new launch on Instagram has all become so easy. The word spreads out quickly, and everyone gets the message.

The advent of Influencers

The growth of social media has given rise to a new breed of social authoritarians known as the influencers. These groups of individuals have a large number of adherents who follow them religiously. The influencers have a major impact on the buying and choosing pattern and behaviour of the online social media audience. The influencers' effect is majorly seen in apps like Instagram. These influencers earn in millions and hold on to celebrity stature. Most of the Instagram influencers become so by their niche audience, some even buy Instagram followers and Instagram likes to enhance their niche command.

Close relation of social media and technology

Technology and social media are interconnected with each other, so social media, too, has a great impact on technology. Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram are also largely influencing the development of technology and software. The software has also evolved as per the growing requirements. Images or videos have greatly replaced texts and words. It is a fact that people check their Instagram account more than their Twitter page because things are getting visual.

Another technological change that influences social media is the camera quality of cellphones. Nowadays, cellphones boast high megapixel cameras, and the photos and videos shot through them are of the highest quality. Posting such content attracts more and more followers. One of the biggest impacts of technological advances on social media is that it helps visualize the entire experience.

Technologies that drive social media in today's times

Radio frequency identification tags: RFID is a computer chip to store information about an object or a person. It is a next-level technology that aids in the easy use of social media. For instance, if you are at a seminar and scan the RFID device with another RFID device having built-in social features, it will help you like or follow a brand on Instagram or download their product brochures within no time.

Augmented reality: AR is another very popular social media feature. Many social media handles are incorporating AR in their applications, the most popular being face filters in Snapchat.

Artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence is another technological advancement that is influencing social media applications. AI is a part of almost all social media platforms today. Facebook, Instagram, and other apps use AI to recognize faces, improve search criteria and help set a target base for advertisements. LinkedIn uses AI for job recommendations and pop-up suggestions of profiles you might wish to connect with. It shows that AI has become a crucial part of the social media game.

Internet-of-Things: The technology is being used widely to monitor and market on social media. Businesses appoint IoT skilled app development firms to create solutions for real-time data monitoring coming from social media apps. It enhances the decision-making capability.


We have seen that technologies are taking the social media platforms towards a revolutionized era that will be more open and transparent. Every business house wants to be a part of this revolution. Ride on this tide and grow the brand manifold.
Stefan Thurairatnam


Stefan Thurairatnam is a 31 year old Sri Lankan travel influencer based out of Canada, Toronto. He is a well known luxury content creator and marketing expert.

As a proud media partner for Luxury World Traveler, Stefan quickly developed a collaborative approach to business working with various largest luxury brands- Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Shangri-La, Jumeriah, Bvlgari, Conrad, and many more, conceptualizing and executing campaigns showcase properties and improve brand recognition. He is now helping and guiding businesses to grow and reach their potential through LuxVision Media Group.