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Entrepreneurship - Its Rewards And Pitfalls An entrepreneur has to keep in mind that the business has to continuously grow and expand

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Entrepreneurship can be defined as the setting up of a new business venture and taking financial risks in the pursuit of success and profit. In today's world, where job opportunities are shrinking and unemployment is at an all-time high, entrepreneurship may be the path to financial success and independence.

The world today is witnessing the rise of start-ups. People with brilliant ideas can now pitch their ideas to investors and raise funding for their ventures. From booking tickets and hotels rooms to delivering groceries, modern day businesses are based on the making life in the 21st century easy.

An entrepreneur is a person, who sets up a business or in other words undertakes an enterprise. However, simply coming up with a great idea is not all that is required for successful entrepreneurship. You also have to raise funds and resources for the enterprise and figure out a way to make profits.

Before going forward with any business idea, you have to consider your customer base and develop a strategy to reach out to your potential clients or customers. You also have to be rooted in ground reality and be aware of the fact that profits will not just start pouring in. A new business or enterprise will initially operate at a loss, next it has to break even and then finally start operating at a profit.

What an entrepreneur has to keep in mind is that the business has to continuously grow and expand. However, too much expansion in a short period of time can also destabilise the business. While setting up a new venture, the most important thing is to have a sound business plan.

Today, in the age of start-ups, new success stories are being written every day. There is no fool-proof plan for running a business. If you look at the success stories of different business leaders, then you will see that each person had to chart their own path, in their own characteristic way.

Things To Do If You Are An Aspiring Entrepreneur

Learn From Experience

Use your own work experience and knowledge to map out a good business plan. In order to do so, you must also look at successful businesses and learn from their success stories. However, what is even more important is for you to look at businesses that have failed. You must study and analyse what went wrong and avoid making the same mistakes. You have to make other people's failures the stepping stones to your success.

Be Confident

An entrepreneur has to stay strong and have confidence in the enterprise. Sometimes you may face failure, but you have to keep trying. Many entrepreneurs fail several times before achieving success. You have to be sure that having your own business is what you want to do and you need to have confidence in your idea. Like the spider that keeps on spinning its web, you have to keep on trying.

Seek Advice

The best thing to do before embarking on a new enterprise is to find a mentor. The mentor can be any experienced person in the world of business or a successful entrepreneur running his or her own company. Such mentors can give you valuable advice on how to go about establishing your own business. You also need to network with important contacts and perhaps even look into some educational courses in order to gain a sound knowledge of essential business principles.


You have to be persistent in your desire to achieve your aims and goals. You have to be driven by passion, and you need to have a strong belief in your product or service. At the same time, you should also be receptive to the opinions of others. You cannot give up at the first hint of a problem or when facing your first major hurdle. You have to keep going. As Steve Jobs said, "I'm certain that about half of what splits flourishing entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is sheer perseverance."

Effective Marketing

In order to operate a successful business, you need a steady and ever-expanding consumer base. While figuring out the logistics of setting up your business and streamlining your production process, you also need to figure out a cost-effective way to advertise. You need to market your product or services to potential customers. For this, you have to know who your customers are and how you can communicate with them. Today, digital marketing via social media can lead to effective brand communication and brand activation.

Take a Risk

Starting a new business or enterprise is always a high-risk activity. The chances are that you won't succeed.You have to be mentally prepared for all potential outcomes and possibilities. The higher the risk, the greater the reward.

Face Challenges

Operating your own business is a challenging task. You have to battle economic instability, retain your loyal customers, try and reach out to new customers and keep up with the latest technology. As an entrepreneur, you have to be ready to face both expected and unexpected challenges.


As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for each and every aspect of your enterprise. As an entrepreneur and the head of your business, you will have to oversee all the necessary tasks; i.e., production, operation, sales, marketing and customer relations. You will also have to manage your employees, their remuneration and the company accounts. You have to be able to manage all these tasks efficiently without losing your calm.


Being an entrepreneur involves a great degree of risk and uncertainty; however, it can also be a highly rewarding experience. As an entrepreneur, you can pursue your passion and also make money, while being your own boss. Once the starting period of pitfalls and hurdles is over, you can start reaping the benefits of your hard work and sacrifice.

Entrepreneurship provides you with the freedom to control and shape your professional life. As an entrepreneur, you can definitely claim that you do what you love and you love what you do.

Naval Goel

CEO, PolicyX.com

Naval Goel is the CEO of PolicyX.com.
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