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Projects To Look Out For In 2022 Here are some projects and companies to look out for, while considering your next investment

By John Stanly

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The year 2021 was a big year for cryptocurrencies across the world, as cryptocurrencies went mainstream hitting an all-time high of $3 Trillion in Total market capitalization in November via CoinMarketCap.

There have been major assumptions that after the release of the Bitcoin a decade ago, there were no longer ways to invest and yield high returns in the crypto space.

However, this perception has been totally dismissed, as we have recently seen early investors make over 1000x ROI on recent metaverse and blockchain crypto projects, the likes of Solana (SOL) and Axie Infinity (AXS).

There are over 1,000 crypto projects coming out every single day and it can be difficult to find legitimate projects that could bring high end returns or else one could end up losing a lot of money.

Here are some projects and companies to look out for, while considering your next investment.


Coinweb is a layer 2 cross-chain computation platform that aims to be the first general-purpose blockchain platform to deliver true interoperability for real-world usage. The core building block at the foundation of Coinweb's unique approach is the InChain architecture. It is the InChain architecture that allows Coinweb dApps to deliver our radical new solutions to fundamental problems. InChain architecture makes it possible to take maximum advantage of blockchain interoperability with fewer tradeoffs. Coinweb has been building since 2017 and has just only recently been coming out of stealth mode.

Several components of the Coinweb platform are already in live production. The team believes in the importance of building and shipping products to drive adoption and proof of concept, which will see a number of working products being released throughout 2022 creating a constant news cycle and building out the community.


Lunaverse is a metaverse derived from 3D models of real locations, you can play to earn as well as own, develop and sell buildings.

Lunaverse's unique building NFT's reward you for owning as your purchase amount is reinvested into a defi protocol, you also get a share of advertising and sponsorship revenue related to your building and people interact with it in the Lunaverse. The development side comes into play as you can develop and sell floors of your building for additional revenue.

Initially launching in 30km2 of San Francisco, you can hang out with your friends as well as interact with the crypto world in an easy to understand way, Lunaverse will act as a central hub onboarding and welcoming new crypto users.

Lunaverse is powered by a real-time 3D creation engine along with advanced geospatial integrations, and Lunaverse will leverage technology to create stunning visualisations and user experience all this on the user-friendly terra blockchain.


Metaverse AI is a new project that builds AI-powered Virtual Humans to populate the Metaverse, Gaming, and immersive realities. This exciting tech is built with Open AI's GPT-3 tech and multi-chain architecture including Filecoin, Ethereum, NEAR Protocol, DFINITY, and other blockchains.

Metaverse AI has partnered with Filecoin and NEAR Protocol to store virtual human avatar metadata on IPFS and Web3.0. The team has built cutting-edge virtual human engines, virtual celebrities and partnered with Gaming, GameFi, NFT ecosystem projects.

Led by senior leaders from Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, Harvard, Duke, UC Berkeley & Stanford, Metaverse AI is honored to be selected as NVIDIA AI Inception company. NVIDIA will provide technical guidance, GPU/AI resources and BD resources to build AI-powered metaverse applications.

Metaverse AI platform is integrated with the state-of-the-art NLP model- GPT3, developed by OpenAI, an AI research lab founded by Elon Musk and other well-known professors in the NLP/AI area, to power their high-fidelity virtual humans.

Supported by world-class investors including Kleiner Perkins, Animoca, Draper Dragon, Protocol Labs, Delta Blockchain Fund, and many others, Metaverse AI creates powerful AI Virtual Humans interoperable across wide ranges of immersive realities, enabling the true Open Metaverse.


There are some $BETS you don't want to miss. BetSwirl is an online cryptocurrency gaming platform featuring exquisite design and flawless performance on multi-chains and multi-touch points.

BetSwirl aims to foster the play-to-earn ecosystem with an original gambling experience surrounded by interactive animations and sound ambiance.

We are creating a user experience that will have 360o gaming, multi-touched advantages, non-custodial security which provides provably fair play, confidentiality at the core.

The founder's team is composed of Romuald, with double hat experience on Technical Lead and Digital Innovation Lead on a global retail company, and Yaël, the Product Designer with lots of contribution in crypto projects.

Bora Finance

Founded in Africa for Africa, Bora Finance is on a mission to open a world of financial instruments for those that need it most.

The first product version will focus on democratizing real estate investments for the masses through smart contracts and NFTs. Future features will include savings, insurance and payments.

Bora Finance is building on Cardano, the premier blockchain for Africa. Cardano is an open platform that seeks to provide economic identity to the billions who lack it by providing decentralized applications to manage identity, value and governance.

Nomad Exile

Nomad Exile is an RPG game with different multiplayer mechanics. The project is based on a play-to-earn monetization model which allows players to earn in the game. The game genre is sci-fi with elements of the medieval setting (Dune, Star Wars, etc.).

Developers came up with a unique visual style combining the culture of South American tribes, such as Aztec and Mayan, with the special cyberpunk subgenre - crystalpunk, where crystals are the core of technological progress.

In Nomad Exiles, there're a lot of mechanics for entertainment and income. Playthrough of story quests, independent exploration of secrets and mysteries of the post-apocalyptic world in vast locations, battles with other players in the Arena, training and breeding the pets, building and protection of your shelter, trading on the in-game NFT market.


MetaLaunch, powered by Asva Labs, is the first-ever multi-chain metaverse launchpad and accelerator. It delivers strategic fundraising and growth frameworks to fuel virtual world and gaming economies.

The Asvaverse ecosystem also features MetaFi DeFi use cases, a virtual marketplace, and play-to-earn guild integrations. The suite of MetaFi applications maximizes the productivity of virtual ownership assets.

World Mobile

World Mobile is going the distance to connect the unconnected: Nearly 3.4 billion people don't have access to the web. But if it's called the World Wide Web, why are some parts still left offline? Because legacy telecoms don't think connecting the last mile is worth it, leaving half the world in the dark.

That's why we're going the distance to connect the unconnected. World Mobile provides fast and affordable connectivity at a fraction of the price, digital identity, and economic freedom—no matter how far. Built on blockchain to empower a global sharing economy, local entrepreneurs become network operators and connect their communities. At the same time, blockchain operators around the globe earn tokens for processing transactions on the network.

The internet is a basic human right, according to the UN. With the world online, it's ever more critical that everyone has access. We're already starting to bridge this divide in Zanzibar, where 100% of the island will be connected by 2024. To connect the unconnected, we must join forces and build a globally distributed telecom network powered and run by the people, giving everyone the freedom to explore the world. World Mobile - The world is in your hands.


Rapidly gaining ground in blockchain investment is 316VC, an investment and advisory firm dedicated to seeking out early innovative blockchain projects. With its strategic partnerships with all the above projects, 316VC has swiftly risen to be a giant in the crypto space and a highly coveted partner to help accelerate growth in the early stages of blockchain startups.

The team consists of professionals with vast knowledge, ranging from diverse backgrounds and with an array of expertise enabling the firm to invest in DeFi, Web3, gaming and Metaverse projects.

The Metaverse is the biggest technological trend in the world right now and it is not going to stop gaining momentum. However, these are still the initial stages of development, which therefore offer major investment opportunities for early investors as it gains more global acceptance.

Note: Investment in cryptocurrency is subject to risk and readers should do their own due diligence. Entrepreneur Media does not endorse any such investment.
John Stanly

Start-up mentor