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Meet The Visionary Shaping Entertainment Through Blockchain

Some of the world's biggest IPs are in the hands of big corporations skeptical about Web3. Meet Christiaan Eisberg, the CEO bridging big Web2 IPs with the novelty of the blockchain.

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The Future of Electricity: Autonomous Robots

The modern electricity grid, a marvel of engineering, is increasingly showing signs of strain under the weight of contemporary demands.

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How Hope Out Loud Tackles The Challenges Of Underprivileged Communities

Driven by a deep appreciation for resilience and opportunity, Dr. Douk co-founded the Hope Out Loud Foundation alongside his college sweetheart and wife, Ami.


How This Entrepreneur Became Successful In Business Innovation And Diversification

Gian Pietro Beltrando was born in Piedmont in 1996. After his studies, he immediately began working at the age of 19 in the real estate sector.

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How Can Critical Infrastructure Industries Ensure They Have The Right Technology Stack For Ensuring Operational Technology Cybersecurity?

With cybersecurity for operational technology becoming extremely vital, a leader in the field discusses how organizations can secure themselves.

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How The Art World is Helping Art Collectors to Buy Original Art Paintings From World's Best Artists

Buying art is more than buying just another commodity. Apart from having an aesthetic value which is subjective in nature, art objects are often seen as an investment as well

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