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Meet The Visionary Shaping Entertainment Through Blockchain Some of the world's biggest IPs are in the hands of big corporations skeptical about Web3. Meet Christiaan Eisberg, the CEO bridging big Web2 IPs with the novelty of the blockchain.

By John Stanly

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Christiaan Eisberg, CEO of STR8FIRE

Just decades ago, when connecting to the internet had modems handshaking make beeps, boops, and static sounds, Christiaan Eisberg was there, starting his career. Over the years, he's had much experience working in different roles, from launching an e-commerce platform to collaborating with creatives.

Seen and done it all, he's now in the blockchain space, helping to build the next iteration of the Internet. He is the CEO of STR8FIRE, an intellectual property entertainment company working to help bring big corporations' IPs in Web2 into the Web3 space.

STR8FIRE is changing the narrative by making IPs in the hands of big media accessible and meaningful for the users. The company is developing its proprietary IPs and working on IPs of bigger companies by expanding and adapting to the exciting benefits of GameFi.

Christiaan heads it all.

So, we spoke to Christiaan to gain insight into his IP-based company, which is revolutionizing the convergence between intellectual property and the blockchain space.

Meet Christiaan Eisberg
For over twenty years, Christiaan Eisberg has worked with the world's most talented and inspiring creatives, including graphic and fashion designers, comic writers, and recording artists. With extensive experience collaborating with creative luminaries across various industries, he has honed his expertise in harnessing talent to drive business success. In an exclusive interview, Christiaan delves into his early career and the genesis of STR8FIRE.

At the age of ten, Christiaan's father bought him a computer that would change his perspective on the world. He quickly learned DOS programming but didn't pursue formal computer science or engineering studies. Despite this, he set up and launched his own e-commerce business.

When Web3 emerged, Christiaan saw a new opportunity to shape and help evolve the future, particularly within the entertainment industry.

"When Web3 emerged, I recognized it as an opportunity to immerse myself fully and contribute to shaping the future, particularly within the entertainment industry," Christiaan said.

Shaping Entertainment Through Blockchain
Working with different creatives has given Christiaan a knack for collaboration and management. His venture into web3 as the CEO of STR8FIRE is no different. At the company, he's responsible for managing the wealth of talent and experience in the company's team.

To him, what makes the project special is the interactive process between creators and their fans at the early stage of development.

STR8FIRE is at the forefront of what Web3 entertainment should look like in its complete form. The company seamlessly integrates interactive gaming experiences, curated merchandise, and captivating content to redefine the boundaries of immersive entertainment.

"Plenty of successful Web3 projects have tried and failed to enter the real world. Even with fat wallets and a thriving Web3 community, the centralized entertainment world has proven a bridge too far. Some traditional IPs have dipped their toes in the world of Web3, but don't like to hand over ownership and control to a community they don't understand or trust," Christiaan says in confirmation of the gap between Web3 and oligarchical Web2 companies.

He noted that what sets the startup apart is bridging the best of both worlds into one.

"At STR8FIRE, we connect the best of Web3: ownership and rewards through GameFi and NFTs, with the best from Web2: scaling IPs to a mainstream, global audience. The latter is the game changer, which sets us apart from others.

Collaboration and Development
The company is offering two types of collaborations:

  • Through an existing Growth Fund, STR8FIRE will support the most talented creators, help them develop new IPs, and grow existing Web2 IPs into Web3 and back.
  • Web3 projects will also get new utilities for their existing NFT collections. Staking $STRX, STR8FIRE's native token, will allow partner projects to upgrade their NFTs and eat exponential yield.

When we asked about plans to release NFT collections, Christiaan noted that the Growth Fund will be used to create new IPs and acquire renowned ones. He said:

It all starts with the IPs we have already built. With our Growth Fund, we want to create more new IPs and further grow or acquire well-known IPs, which grows the fan base and generates revenue, which we will use to back-back our token."

To Christiaan, bridging is the most important part of the STR8FIRE vision. He believes that IP development imprisoned by streaming platforms and entertainment conglomerates only caters to a happy few. The elite team manager proposes using Web3 to keep the audience and community engaged and excited about projects. With the $STR8X token at the core, merging the two iterations of the Internet will create long-term benefits.

Looking Forward
The STR8FIRE team has launched the campaign for its Genesis NFT collection and started expanding VIRUS, a Sci-Fi animation, into a toy collection, mobile game, and NFT collection.

Christiaan maintains that the team's long-term vision is to build around new and existing portfolios, some original and some co-produced.

John Stanly

Start-up mentor


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