Cara Sloman

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
President and CEO of Force4 Technology Communications

Cara Sloman is CEO and president of Force4, a marketing communications and PR agency serving B2B technology companies.



You Might Be Tempted to Eliminate This Business Function During a Bear Market, But Don't. Here's What to Do Instead.

This department is usually the first on the chopping block when businesses want to cut costs, but it shouldn't be.

Resumes & Interviewing

Finding High-Quality Talent in a Competitive Market Is All About Branding. Here's Why.

Competition is fierce for those still in the job market, so companies need to think about ways to differentiate themselves from other prospective employers.


How to Create a Marketing Strategy Using Key Differentiators

A game plan that can be key to your company's future success.


Cómo crear una estrategia de marketing usando diferenciadores clave

Un plan de juego que puede ser clave para el éxito futuro de su empresa.


Key Strategies for Marketing New Versus Existing Products

When it comes to crafting a message and communicating it to the market, one size doesn't fit all. Your PR and marketing will differ depending on your product's age.


Estrategias clave para comercializar productos nuevos frente a productos existentes

Cuando se trata de elaborar un mensaje y comunicarlo al mercado, no hay un solo tamaño para todos. Sus relaciones públicas y marketing diferirán según la antigüedad de su producto.

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