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Taco Bell to Launch First-Ever Business School for Employees

Taco Bell CEO Mark King spoke about the chain's latest endeavor.

Emily Rella

CORBEVAX, a new patent-free COVID-19 vaccine, could be a pandemic game changer globally

CORBEVAX is anticipated to significantly expand vaccine access to people in low- and middle-income countries.

Maureen Ferran

What causes a tsunami? An ocean scientist explains the physics of these destructive waves

Tsunamis aren’t just bigger-than-average waves. Triggered by undersea earthquakes or volcanic eruptions like the one in Tonga, they are fast, massive and potentially destructive. Here’s why.

Sally Warner

The omicron variant is deepening severe staffing shortages in medical laboratories across the US

The health care system is hemorrhaging medical lab workers, in part because of COVID-19 infections and also because of burnout, low wages and better opportunities elsewhere.

Rodney E. Rohde

Low-Cost Mental Health Strategies That Yield Big Results for Company Revenue and Employee Happiness

Wellness services positively affect both your business's return on investment and your employees.

Margo Jacquot

Video Exposes Truth Behind How Eggs Are Prepared at McDonald's

One TikToker is going viral after showing how two different versions of the same item are prepared completely differently.

Emily Rella

Elon Musk Calls Out 'Security Issue' With Accounts Posting His Travel Dates

The Tesla CEO spoke out after an outlet incorrectly cited his travel dates for an upcoming trip to Berlin.

Emily Rella

What's on the Horizon for Payments and Fintech in 2022?

Keep an eye on the trends that are most relevant to you and your business, but don't ignore the big picture.

Michael Orlando

Arkansas Offers Remote Tech Workers and Entrepreneurs $10,000 to Move There

To date, 35,000 people in more than 115 countries and 50 states have submitted their applications to move to Northwest Arkansas. 

Amanda Breen

Parents of Amazon Worker Killed in Tornado are Suing the Company: 'Amazon Placed Profits First'

The suit alleges Amazon didn't exercise reasonable care to protect their son from death.

Chloe Arrojado

Why Strategic Venture Capital is Thriving in a Founder's Market

Let's take a closer look at why strategic capital is thriving in today's venture environment, how startups can benefit from strategic capital, and how corporate executives investing in startups can make their organizations more innovative.

Anis Uzzaman

Why massive new youth sports facilities may not lead to the tourist boom many communities hope for when they build them

New research suggests parents are too focused on their children’s competition to spend time or money on things that don’t involve the tournament, hotel stays or quick dining.

Richard Buning