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NASA Launches Mission to Stop Killer Asteroid From Destroying Earth. Really.

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) launched Wednesday morning, with a mission to crash into a distant asteroid and knock it off course.

Juul to Pay $14.5 Million to Settle Arizona Vaping Lawsuit

The agreement requires Juul to not advertise near schools, target anyone under 21 or use social media to market. 

Amanda Breen

Target Makes Historic Move With Holiday Hours

The retailer will shutter its doors this Thanksgiving.

Emily Rella

Michael Strahan Is Headed to Outer Space: 'I Just Want to be a Part of It'

Strahan will be joined by five others on a December 9 launch of Jeff Bezos' New Shepard rocket.

Emily Rella

Kevin Spacey Ordered to Pay Nearly $31 Million for Violating Harassment Policy

The studio behind 'House of Cards' alleges Spacey's breaches of contract made him liable for tens of millions of dollars in losses.

Chloe Arrojado

Tiffany Is Selling Its Most Expensive Piece of Jewelry Yet

'The World's Fair Necklace,' unveiled in Dubai on Sunday, boasts a dazzling 180 carats of diamonds set in platinum.

Amanda Breen

Video Exposes How One Famous McDonald's Sandwich is Made: 'That's a McCrime'

One McDonald's employee is making waves after recording a viral TikTok about how the McRib is made.

Emily Rella

Elon Musk Talks Biden's IRS Expansion Plan With Colorado Representative

Musk took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Biden's IRS workforce plan.

Emily Rella

Elizabeth Holmes Unexpectedly Takes the Stand to Defend Herself in Theranos Trial

The disgraced CEO of the now-defunct Theranos will continue her testimony on Monday.

Chloe Arrojado

U.S. TikTok Users May Be Eligible to Receive Funds From $92 Million Settlement

The suit alleges that the popular video-sharing app used personal data from users without their consent.

Amanda Breen