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Dress Shop Owner Emotionally Gifts Teen Free Prom Dress: 'She's Never Going to Forget How Special You Made Her Feel

Summer Lucille is the owner of plus size boutique Juicy Body Goddess in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Billionaire Charles Schwab Has Lost Nearly $3 Billion of Personal Wealth Since Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Most of the 85-year-old's wealth comes from a 6% stake in the brokerage that he founded in 1971.

Green Entrepreneur

Are Self-Flying Planes the Future of Air Travel? An Aviation Expert Weighs In.

There's a big difference between flying on autopilot and flying without a human at all.

Science & Technology

Don't Let the ChatGPT Boom Go to Waste

This tech revolution is unlike the NFT, blockchain and crypto craze of several years back. ChatGPT has made a rapid impact and is improving rapidly.

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'Close Calls' With Airplane Safety Are 'On the Rise,' National Transportation Safety Board Chair Says

There have been several high-profile incidents of late where planes have come in close range of each other.

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Americans Spent $14 Billion on Drunk Shopping. Are You Guilty of Sipping and Clicking?

One in six Americans is guilty of shopping under the influence, according to a new report.

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Meta Announces 10,000 Additional Layoffs and Eliminates 5,000 Job Postings

The Facebook parent gave employees a timeline of what to expect over the next few months, starting with changes that could happen as soon as tomorrow.

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Gen Z Workers Say Boomer Employees Are 'Tech-Shaming' Them: 'It Makes Me Feel Silly'

They might be able to film and edit TikToks with ease, but don't ask them how to use a printer.

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Blue Circle Raises a Fresh Funding Round From Marquee Investors

The startup will use the funds to strengthen its technology, build product and accelerate user acquisition

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Only 17 Out Of 80 Unicorns In India Are Profitable: Tracxn

The data has been extracted from financial statements of FY21 and FY22

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Average Interest Rate Paid By Manufacturers Rise To 9.38% : Ficci

The survey further revealed that after experiencing revival of Indian economy in the FY 2021-22, momentum of growth has continued for the subsequent quarters of FY 2022-23 with some temporary effect of global slowdown on Indian manufacturing

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How is India Inc Moving Towards Sustainability

Electric cars have risen again following the concept's dismissal. Cheap gasoline rates were at the centre of the dismissal of electric cars. However, Nikola Tesla had proposed that electric cars would be the future. Tesla's prediction has come a long way with electric cars slowly taking over the dominance of ICE-powered cars.

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Crypto: An Epic Tale of Highs and Lows

The crash of FTX did not help the crypto community. A major chunk of the crypto ecosystem has been wiped out due to its ties with FTX. The bear market has brought strong companies with great Web3 products to the fore. The continuing bear market has focused the world's attention to crypto which has led to more attention being paid to real-world use-cases of crypto as well as of Web3.