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Elon Musk, The World's Richest Person, Says He Doesn't Own a Home Right Now and Rotates Around Friends' Spare Rooms

The world's richest man also doesn't own yachts or take vacations but has a plane to save time.

Weilun Soon

All Your Burning Tax-Filing Questions For This Year, Answered

Today is Tax Day. Here's everything you'll want to know to prepare your tax returns.

34 Tax Day Freebies and Deals for 2022

Saving shouldn't stop when you file your tax returns – these brands celebrate tax season with exclusive deals and freebies to score on Tax Day and through the end of April.

Taxes on Small Businesses Across the Globe, Mapped: See Where Rates Are High, Low — and Nonexistent

A study from OnDeck charts the massive corporate-tax discrepancies among nations; find out how yours compares.

Amanda Breen

First woman to visit every country of the world is sued by Travelers United

The influencer, Cassie De Pecol, claims to be the first woman to visit every country on the face of the Earth, but there are those who deny her...

This is the Snapchat filter that teaches sign language

In conjunction with SignAll, a company in charge of designing sign language translation technology, Snapchat launched last Tuesday the new glasses that teach this language.

Peloton Makes Surprising Move to Combat Plummeting Share Prices

The company's struggled in the wake of shipping delays and product-safety issues.

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Top Investment Banks Boost Intern Pay to $16,000 a Month Amidst Wall Street Talent War

Wall Street is dishing out millions to compete for top-tier talent in an airtight labor market.

Multilingualism and Cultural Fluency Are the Drivers of Tomorrow's Workforce

Educators must adjust their methods accordingly to ensure that the next generation is prepared to thrive in this new reality.

Arno Krug

Mark Cuban Says There's an Ulterior Motive Behind Elon Musk's Twitter Offer

Cuban notes that Musk's offer echoes the tweet that got him in trouble several years ago.

Amanda Breen

Bosch buys the British startup Five and bets on automated driving

The German auto parts and technology company announced the purchase of Five, a British automated driving startup, although it did not disclose the amount of the transaction.