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Developers Angry After Apple Reportedly Announces a Major Change for Its App Store: 'I Feel Sick'

Some smaller creators were blindsided by the announcement and took to Twitter to air their frustrations.

Amanda Breen

Fichap, the Argentine startup of human resources management arrives in Mexico

The application helps organizations to improve and optimize the productivity of their work teams.

'Cynical Fabrication': Billionaire Investor Slams McDonald's for Animal Abuse

Carl Icahn did not hold back in his letter to McDonald's shareholders released this week.

New Florida Bill Targets Disney, Could Have Severe Consequences for Local Taxpayers

Florida legislature votes on bill that would revoke Disney's legal arrangement to act as its own government, but dissolving Disney's special district would leave local communities with a big tab and heavy burden.

Men Charged in Phony Sports-Memorabilia Scheme Spanning More Than a Decade

Among the allegedly forged items are paintings, baseballs, baseball bats, celebrity photographs and books, record albums and more.

Amanda Breen

The tacos of the Mexican infulencer Juanpa Zuirta are criticized on social media and there are memes

The restaurat It is called "La Milagrosa" and operates via delivery platforms in Mexico, Peru and Colombia.

Reducing the Cancer Burden in Black Communities: The Role of Education and Investor Support

Black people are more likely to die from cancer than other racial group, yet there is significant underrepresentation of Black healthcare providers, scientists and advocates who can help to facilitate earlier cancer detection and better health outcomes.

The Future Is...Fungi?: This Biotech Company Transforms Mushrooms Into Luxury Materials Used by Hermès

At MycoWorks' "Freedom of Creation" exhibit, co-founder and chief of culture Sophia Wang discusses how artistic beginnings launched a biotech company that's churning out fungi-fueled materials fit for "a prince's yacht" -- and driving sustainability and diversity in the corporate world.

Amanda Breen

The Boring Company, Elon Musk's tunnel-making company receives $650 million in funding

The capital will allow him to move forward with the construction of a network of tunnels under the city of Las Vegas.

'After This, I Think I'm Leaving Verizon': Customers Furious After Verizon Ignores Outages Affecting Thousands

Over 24,000 Verizon customers reported outages in cellular and internet services on Wednesday.

Emily Rella

3 Reasons Why Web3 Needs Protocols And Not Service Providers

Service providers defeat the purpose of Web3. Anyone should be able to access vital Web3 utilities without costly barriers to entry.

Kurt Ivy

Amazon Just Made an Unexpected Move That Could Crush FedEx and UPS

It's the company's latest play in connection with its massive shipping and logistics operations.

Amanda Breen