How The Art World is Helping Art Collectors to Buy Original Art Paintings From World's Best Artists Buying art is more than buying just another commodity. Apart from having an aesthetic value which is subjective in nature, art objects are often seen as an investment as well

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Buying art is not an easy task, be it for enhancing aesthetic beauty, as part of your home decor or to invest for a long term. Selecting and procuring the art is also a cumbersome process if one is not aware of the associated formalities and nitty gritties. That is why a reliable art curator in the form of a reputed art gallery is needed who can help in these circumstances.

The Art World, being a rapidly growing online art gallery operating internationally, is a reputed art curator upon which one can comfortably bank on. It serves both the art enthusiasts and art collectors alike while featuring artworks from some of the most renowned and talented artists from around the world, The Art World strives to bring the best selection of artwork as it curates its range of available art works from both established and budding artists. On the other side, The Art World also strives to provide a platform for talented artists to showcase their unique and inspiring artwork to a global audience. The gallery is founded by entrepreneur Jaydeep Hedau.

The Art World's Spectacular Art Collection can help in transforming one's home decor and take its elegance to the next level. Here are a few of the best artists from The Art World's online gallery.

• Nadia Fezzani

Nadia Fezzani is a French artist born in Paris. After spending 20 years in Montreal, Canada, she is now enjoying the Caribbean's lifestyle in Costa Rica. At the age of 15 she fell in love with Modigliani who awakened her passion for painting as she was reproducing his masterpieces. She also created her own collection of clothes as she really was fond of design.She ended up working in the design field as what we call in France "Decorateur ensemblier" where she was able to express her great passion for colors. Now, her Caribbean lifestyle allows her to devote herself fully to painting mostly acrylic on canvas and felt. She developed an intuitive style like in her Women of the Worlds Collection as well as her Intuitive talk collection. Her instagram has more of her art works.

• Diana Gumz

Diana Gumz is a German artist. When she engaged in her own dynamics of life and followed her heart and her longing, she was able to express everything she had inside. She felt alive! Today art is her life. Everything is connected and everything makes sense now. She works with acrylic on large formats. These ones are almost always square. That is her way that allows her to fully engage in the process of painting and in the energy of it. Which is top and which is bottom is determined only at the end.

Diana is not concerned with beauty, but with authenticity. It's not about harmony, but about honesty. All of her paintings are colorful - completely herself. She chooses each color, to tell the story behind each. Every movement transports a feeling that she wants to make visible. When these two meet and feelings become visible, she calls it magic! Her works of art give courage. Her art gives its viewers the confidence to engage with all that life has in store and asks them to feel alive. More of Diana's works can be found at her official website.

• Miyu Ai

Miyu Ai was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and began painting digital art on her own while working as a childcare worker. It was not until after her parents passed away in 2020 that she began to present her work in earnest. She began painting with digital art because she wanted to express what was in her heart as a picture, and digital art was the closest thing to a picture of her heart. In her digital abstract paintings, in which she pursues the expression of unique textures and colors to the extreme, and in her paintings of women's faces, she expresses deep emotions through facial expressions and verbalizes them in the language of silence, letting the viewer hear them as the voice of her heart, which is her greatest happiness and the best part of creating her works. More of her works can be found on her Instagram.

• Milda B. Tilly

Milda B. Tilly is a writer and artist from London. Her hobby and love for illustrations has turned into a growing business. In 2015 she graduated from Siauliai University in Lithuania and received her BA Hons Diploma in Fine Art and Design Education. She has also created her own illustration platform where she shares her work. 'My illustrations definitely takes me to my childhood memories and it's just surrounded with coziness' as she says. She likes to encourage artists of any age and believes that artistic creation is not bound by a certain age. 'I always encourage people to express their creativity. You don't have to draw or paint perfectly - creativity can expressed in so many other ways' she claims. Her illustrations can be found at

These are just a few of the amazing artists from the art world online art gallery. Some other mentionable artists are Tramane Halsch, J Karston Buli, Elin Kereby, Michelle Bond. Their artworks can be found at The Art World's official website.

Buying an art from The Art World is also made very simple and intuitive. One can browse and choose the artwork that he/she likes and can order the same without much hassle directly from The Art World's website. The Art World also offers free worldwide shipping on all orders and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

When it comes to the team behind The Art World, Jaydeep Hedau is the founder of theartworld, as he brings his vast experience in entrepreneurship. Kunj Bhavsar is a CEO of The Art World with over 7 years of experience in the art industry and entrepreneurship. Aditya Rajgor is the Art Director, responsible for selecting the art pieces that are featured on the website. Harshil Gajjar is the Creative Director, bringing his unique vision and style to the site. With their individual excellence and collective efforts The Art World has become extremely popular as within a very short span of time, it secured more than 1 million followers on its Instagram handle.

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