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Growth Strategies

How Do Angel Investing Platforms Fund Startups?

Angel investors are most likely the first source of external financing that start-ups raise

Women Entrepreneur™

10 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Can Fund Their Business

Once you have made up your mind follow this streamline methodology and you will be able to get the desired funds

Growth Strategies

Growth Capital – Knock on the Doors of Public or Queuing at the Door of a VC

To make SME-IPOs further mouthwatering for companies, the compliance and regulatory requirements are relaxed and most importantly these platforms discount the profitability criterion


Every Business is a People's Business Including a Venture Fund

Seedfund has been among the best performing early stage funds in India that saw Indian start-up ecosystem born and grow.

Growth Strategies

Blend It, Flavor It & Put It Online Says This Teapreneur

With the use technology, innovation and originality, Vahdam Teas sells its products directly to consumers.