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How This Startup Is Teaching What is Not Taught in Schools and Universities

Newton School claims to bridge the gap between industry requirements and the curriculum offered by educational institutions


Acclimatizing Students To The Future Employment Landscape

Over 2021-22, the company witnessed a stellar growth with its revenue increasing 17 times over a period of 12 months

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Airblack, On A Mission To Revamp The Future Of Micro Entrepreneurship

The platform helps millions of people in the next decade to launch and grow their businesses, through outcome-focused courses and business tools

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Virohan: The Ideal Blend Of Edtech In Health Care

The platform is aiming to solve the problem in this higher education segment by identifying the job profiles where industry needs a skilled workforce and creating the industry-relevant curriculum and delivering it to students in an effective and engaging way through a blended learning model

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Extract The Knowledge Through Analytics Vidhya

The platform is hyper-focused on upskilling people in next generation technologies and deliver outcome driven programs.


Alakh Pandey's PW Takes Flight

With over 50 lakh app downloads and more than 600,000 students spending over an hour on the Physics Wallah app, the platform has been expanding at a rapid pace

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BrightCHAMPS: Creating a Level-playing Field for Students

The edtech startup claims that since it started operations during the pandemic, it has been naturally inclined to solve the unique learning needs of children under special circumstances

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Finding Niche in the Competitive Edtech Market

In the last two years, edtech startup Eupheus Learning not only raised INR 105cr through two rounds of funding it was also able to retain more than 80 per cent of its customers

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Enriching Educational Experience in a Hybrid Classroom Setting

Edtech startup Extramarks caters to a learner base of over 10 million users through its B2C and B2B platforms