Funding winter


Funding Freefall: Marking the End of an Era of Easy Money for Indian Startups

As the Indian startup ecosystem saw a 72 percent (USD 19.7 billion) fall in investment during the first half of 2023 as compared to 2022 in the same period, entrepreneurs are finding it increasingly difficult to get the funding they need for growth and development.


Vertex Ventures Wants to Back Founders Building Good Companies Rather Than Chasing Valuation: Piyush Kharbanda

An early stage investor, Vertex Ventures mostly invests in the seed funding and Series A stage. Supported by Singapore state investor Temasek, it has made 34–35 investments so far from its $305 million Fund IV launched in 2019.

Growth Strategies

8 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Achieve Massive Growth During a Downturn

For entrepreneurs who are willing to take advantage of opportunities, recessions can really be a time of growth. Here are 8 strategies for profiting from a downturn.


5 Things That Have Changed in Startup Pitching This Year

Due to the funding crisis, this year's startup pitching has undergone a major shift, with a stronger emphasis now being placed on cost structures, profitability, and unit economics.


Investors Expect to Witness a Revival in Funding and Growth Sentiment

The startup environment has recently slowed down, which has resulted in fewer VC funding and slower growth, creating a vicious cycle. Unfortunately, the first casualties of this crisis have been layoffs across various sectors. However, it's important to keep in mind that a similar or worse situation existed at the height of the Covid-19 outbreak, and the resilient business models survived that time unharmed.


Strategies for Startups to Overcome the Funding Winter

The era of easy and abundant capital is over so it is essential for startups to exhibit strong fundamentals and sound strategy during this funding winter.


Venture Debt is Becoming a Key Growth Enabler for Indian Startups Amid Funding Winter

In this current environment, traditional sources of financing are less willing to invest, leaving entrepreneurs in need of assistance. Venture debt provides a viable alternative that enables startups to receive finance without reducing their ownership equity.


Funding Winter Presents a Unique Opportunity for Homegrown VC Firms to Shine

The funding winter has given domestic venture capital firms a rare chance to demonstrate their adaptability and resilience. During these difficult times, new strategies and crucial maxims have emerged, changing the financial landscape.


Investors' Advice to Early-Stage Startups During The Funding Winter

In 2023, investments in early-stage businesses have increased significantly. This is a result of tier-I venture capitalists taking a more cautious approach in their search for businesses with good unit economics and the potential to become profitable in the upcoming years.

News and Trends

Are We Past the Bottom Of Funding Winter?

Early-stage funding has been on the path to resurgence, as we see that a lot of deals have happened in the past 6–8 weeks, says Kavit Sutariya, general partner, Capfort Ventures

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Micro VCs Find Firm Footing In India's Startup Ecosystem

These investors have nestled themselves between accelerators, incubators, and the larger VC ecosystem, says BlackSoil's Ankur Bansal

Business News

Seven Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Nail Your Startup Pitch To Investors

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