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The Rise and Fall Of Chanda Kochhar; a Banking Empress

Who once was revered as one of the most powerful Indian women is now sadly a not-so-small chink in the armor for ICICI Bank and the banking sector of the country

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Empire Strikes Back: Banks Snap Ties With Crypto Exchange Platforms

The Reserve Bank of India in May last year, while responding to an RTI, said there is no prohibition on banks in providing accounts to traders dealing with cryptocurrencies

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Did you Know How These Top 5 Bankers in India Started Their Journey?

Her banking journey started as a management trainee, but not many could stop Chanda Kochhar's rise in ICICI Bank

Growth Strategies

India's Digital Drive is Changing The Way It Banks. #5 Latest Rules

With respect to digitization, the major private banks like HDFC, ICICI and AXIS Bank have reintroduced transactions charges.