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India Must Prepare To Manage Volatility Risks In Forex Market, Says RBI Deputy Governor

The deputy governor said that India has increasingly aimed to promote trade denominated in Rupees

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4:1, SC Upholds the Demonetisation Decision

Six years after an eventful night, the Supreme Court upholds the decision and deems the demonetisation "legal"

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Finance Ministry To Meet Bank Chiefs To Promote Cross-Border Trade In Rupee

The meeting will be chaired by financial services secretary Vivek Joshi and is also likely to see attendance from representatives of the Reserve Bank of India and Indian Banks' Association (IBA)


Microsoft Seeing AI's Latest Update Will Help the Blind Identify Indian Currency

Microsoft Seeing AI, a free app designed for the blind and low vision, can now detect Indian currency and narrate the denomination to the user.

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VC Investments in India and the US are Different

The investors were planning to invest in start-ups in dollars but now they are doing it in rupees.

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Former Indian PM Manmohan Singh Says Demonetization Will Hurt SMEs

Singh called the measure a case of organised loot and legalised plunder and warned of a major hit to the gross domestic product of the country.

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Bill Gates Calls India's Demonetization Drive A Bold Move

The Microsoft founder Bill Gates called the move a bold one, which he believes will deflate India's shadow economy


What Cash-abundant & Time-strapped Traders Can Do As Demonetization Hits India

Five Points To Help Traders And Kirana Stores Figure Out What They Can Plan In Current Situation

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How The Real Estate Sector Will Be Affected By The Demonetization Of INR 500/1000

The Government's Bold Move Is Expected To Demoralize The Real Estate Sector


This Is How Entrepreneurs Reacted To Modi's Demonetized Notes Policy

What Entrepreneurs And Industry Experts Feel About Modi's Government Stopping Currency Notes Of INR 500 And INR 1000

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Modi Repeats 38-year Long Indian History, Demonetizes Rs 500 & Rs 1000 Notes

The currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 would be only paper, with no value and would no more be legal tender.

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Have You Heard About The Mega Banking App UPI Yet?

The only app you need on your smartphone for monetary transactions