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Karnataka Amends Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, EV Faces Lifetime Tax

Currently, the state imposes one of the highest road taxes in the country, ranging from 13 per cent to 20 per cent.

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Karnataka Approves $968 Million Investment From Foxconn: Report

The tech giant is also looking to avoid a hit to its business due to tensions between Beijing and Washington, as per the report


Forerunner For Innovation-after Technology, Priyank Kharge Eyes Social Innovation

From departments of the government to various public schemes, technology can change the functioning of it all


Karnataka and Kerala Rains: 3 Things You Could Do to Help as an Entrepreneur

Use your entrepreneurial skills in times of natural crisis

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Providing an Ecosystem for Ideation

A people's person is what Kharge can be called, as he approaches the start-ups by asking for updates just like a regular venture capitalist or fund.

Growth Strategies

Serving Whisky to the World is Indian Liquor Baron Rakshit Jagdale

"An Indian Single Malt whisky has its own uniqueness and we wanted to create a niche."


"We Are Taking Innovation To All Over Karnataka" – Priyank Kharge

Know how Karnataka government is encouraging entrepreneurship in the state