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The Michelin Masterchef: Chef Garima Arora

It was in 2018 that Chef Garima Arora came into the limelight as the first female Indian chef to win a Michelin Star

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The Small Business Savior

The women who decided to move to India to finance the unfinanced sector

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The Sky Queen

A game-changer in the Aviation Industry

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This 20-Something Founder is Democratising Education the OTT Way

Akanksha Chaturvedi has built edtech platform Eduauraa which provides quality education at an affordable price to students across economic backgrounds

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The Doyen of Table Tennis

Ace TT player Mouma Das, who originally hails from Kolkata, made her international debut in 1997 and there has been no stopping her since

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The 'Make in India' Flag Bearer

Devita Saraf on building an INR1000 Cr new age technology conglomerate

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The Social Entrepreneur

Neelam Chibber on her impact initiatives in areas of unemployment, livelihood, women empowerment, poverty, and economic development

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The Spacemaker

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Paramount Enablers for Rebranding

The definition of rebranding stands individual for every organization; from updating a font for a product logo, to re-conceptualizing your brand's story

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5 Things Every Budding Mompreneur Should Know

Managing a family is a full time job, but we can tell you how you can run a venture and at the same time take care of the kids

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Why Women Franchisors Are More Productive With Less Resources

According to Euromonitor, female franchisors required only half as much money to start their franchising career, as compared to males

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Here is Why Women are Good at Running Bootstrapped Businesses

In the beginning, every venture has a high probability of failure, so it's extremely important that the entrepreneur doesn't let ego come in the way and starts small in a very lean way

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This Shepreneur's Brand Offers New-age, Natural & Grain Free Dog Food

The Hurdles in Pet Food Industry


5 Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneur

From household to business, women are expected much more than their male counterparts, let's explore the challenges