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Venture Capital Funds of the Women, by the Women, for the Women.

Interview with Ankita Vashistha - Founder of India's and Asia's first venture capital fund that promotes women entrepreneurship

Rahul R

Why Jyotsna Suri Can Rightly Be Called the Queen of the Hospitality Industry

The Lalit Suri hospitality Group is India's largest privately owned hotel chain

How Start-ups Are Empowering Women to Work From Home

Women are building up businesses through platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp

Sanchita Dash

Do Women Make Better Leaders Than Men?

America no longer needs men leaders, says former US President Barack Obama

Komal Nathani

These #4 She-preneurs are Giving Multi-tasking A New Spin

Basking in the glory of multi-tasking as women is a passé as the glory of heading multi-businesses is fast becoming the new normal

These #10 Superwomen are Breaking the 'Glass Ceiling' With Their Business Acumen

20-year-old Ayesha Aziz has set a record by becoming one of the youngest pilots in India

How This Woman Fought Against All Odds to Build a $15-million Company

After teaching in a government school for 9 years, she headed for a new journey to the western sphere

What does Entrepreneurship Mean to This Queen of Tourism

"If you have the vision backed with self-motivation, the time is now."

#10 Things Shepreneurs Should Remember Before Starting Out

Don't let anyone's narrow gender views or any kind of mansplaining demoralize you

Anoushka Adya

Producing a Film at the Age of 25, was Biggest Turning Point for Anushka Sharma

Do Indian actresses only know how to make fortune or they know how to make money on their fortune. Anushka Sharma has an answer.

#5 Lifehacks To Success From Anushka Sharma

Anushka is just comfortable in her own skin, meeting producers, actors, script-writers in sneakers and denims.

How Anushka Sharma is Making her Mark on-screen and Behind the Scenes

Unapologetic, confident and comfortable - that's what Anushka Sharma stands for.