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Producing a Film at the Age of 25, was Biggest Turning Point for Anushka Sharma Do Indian actresses only know how to make fortune or they know how to make money on their fortune. Anushka Sharma has an answer.

By Punita Sabharwal

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Do Indian actresses only know how to make fortune or they know how to make money on their fortune. Anushka Sharma has an answer.

Which one you count as your biggest creative bet?

It's not one big event because in past few years, I played very diverse roles onscreen and all of them are very different from each other. They challenged me physically and mentally in very different ways. It's very hard to point out something in particular because I find that I have grown and being challenged as an actor. The decision to produce a film at the age of 25, I would say was the biggest turning point of my life. It changed the way I was looking at the world and the world was looking at me.

How do you manage your time as an actor and producer?

I have done more films in the past but I chose to do lesser number of films now. I don't get involved in a movie or a project until and unless I am fully convinced about it that it would bring something different for my audience. But, definitely production is an additional responsibility for sure but it is still the same industry. Currently, I am acting in all the films that are being produced by Clean State Films but the idea is to get other actors also.

I might be too old or too young for a particular role or I might not be the right fit. We started a production house which tends to make films on new contents and I enjoy it more what I am doing today. I love doing both the things together, I am more involved and have more responsibility and that's how I am as a person. I love to do something where I am collaborating with creative people and that gives me a big high.

What is your ethos as a producer?

With NH10, we captured a very different audience. Also Phillauri, as a film is different. The understanding of the audience in past two years has been great and we know that each time, we have to offer something different according to the needs of the audience, because all films, which are made here, have a similar pattern, either action or love stories etc.

In case of Philauri, which is a love story of a ghost, we had to create a character of a ghost. So quality and storytelling have to come together to make a good film. So keeping all these factors in mind, I endeavour to make a film which is different in all these aspects but yet entertaining. Because, people have other mediums to watch movies like Netflix and Amazon Prime which have already arrived in the market.

In last three years, which you have spent as a producer, how much have you evolved?

I am still learning. Me and my brother are not from this industry and we are experimenting. We just want to use this opportunity to our best potential. I don't know, where I am and how much have I learnt, but I just want to say we are learning. We strongly believe in instincts and have the courage to follow. It is always going to be marketing, distribution, marketing idea, etc.

As an entrepreneur what is your style of working?

I believe that working with the right kind of people is very important. Then you can have lots of ideas with which better things can be done. I mean not just people who are good in work, but also like my brother who intervene in the work and tell what is wrong and what is right. So, being with likeminded people and people who are passionate about making films, is very important. But, people like my brother, who has worked in merchant navy, but still has a creative bone. We also treat our company as a start-up. So I think these few things really work.

How this industry has evolved from organising funding which is available?

It has definitely evolved and is getting better. New structures are coming in, there is scope for all to enter and is giving a lot of opportunities for producers like us. At a same time, there is a downside also, with lot of money being spent. There are lots of studios available but you need to have a right creative person heading it.

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Punita Sabharwal

Entrepreneur Staff

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur India

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