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Punita Sabharwal

Punita Sabharwal

Assistant Editor. Entrepreneur

How I did It

The Rise, Fall and Return of Sanjay Dutt

The actor, producer and entrepreneur talks about his highs and lows over a 30-year-old career
Creative Entrepreneur

How These Entrepreneurs are Infusing Creativity into Business

These non-tech reliant start-ups are banking on their creative side for success

This Entrepreneur Duo is Rewriting the Future of Grooming

Here are the two-bearded men from Ahmedabad, who are getting you attuned to keeping a beard as the norm of neo-civilization.

This Chartered Accountant-turned-entrepreneur is Leading The Right Take-off

Abrol spent much of his professional life overseas spending 19 years in American Express.

Dumping Discounts, Playing The Experience Part In e-Commerce

He has also driven significant strategy engagements including global growth for Indian majors, growth within India and India entry strategy for MNCs.

This CEO is Enabling Affordable Home Ownership in India

Mehta has over 25 years of experience in the Banking and Financial Services industry.

How This CEO Expanded His Company By Listening to the Consumers

The CEO of this consumer electronics giant is initiating innovation at the execution level

How This Fashion Retail Brand is Max-imising its Growth

From being the first employee, today Vasanth Kumar has risen to be the Executive Director at Max Fashion
Aadhar enablement

Meet the Man Behind the Success of Aadhar

Ajay Bhushan Pandey was made the first CEO of UIDAI

This CEO is Regarded as the Turnaround Specialist

"We have started the year on a high note with January witnessing a 100 per cent yoy growth and an annualized run rate of $1.65 billion."

This Kurta-dhoti Clad CEO is Now Among the Richest

From being an Ayurveda practitioner in Himalayan villages to shaping up this FMCG company's success as its CEO is a story of a disciplined approach followed by Acharya Balakrishnan

The #14 Most Daring CEOs in India

Our 14 leaders are distinguished from misleaders as they outline a practical road-map to take their game to the next level

This Billionaire Company was Made in Nepal

'The earthquake in Nepal had changed our lives and the life of our group. The whole group has dedicated itself to rebuild the country.'

How This Entrepreneur is Brewing the New in Fine Dining

"I had a lot of ideas while I was in London. And from the very beginning, I dreamt of having my own restaurant"

Here's How this Hotel Heir has Successfully Fulfilled His Late Father's Wish

The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group has rapidly expanded under the guidance and stewardship of Keshav's mother, the group's CMD, Dr. Jyotsna Suri