Profit-Focused? Consider Launching a Digital Product

Making money while you sleep has never been easier.

Aimee Tariq

This fintech raises 5MDD from unicorn founders and angel investors

Clara, financier for the management of expenses within companies, announced today that it has closed an extension of its most recent Series A investment round.

4 Reasons Why Now Might Be The Time to Grow Your Business

Adopting a growth mindset will help you face the challenges that stand in the way of your business being successful.

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Mexican startup Valoreo raised $ 30 million to acquire more ecommerce brands and grow its team in Latin America

With this injection of capital, Valoreo plans to grow as a holding of ecommerce brands in Latin America and expand its team of collaborators in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

How I Got Myself on 75 Podcasts in the Past Year

This is how to leverage podcasting as a low-budget marketing tool.

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Should We Be Worried About the Global Chip Shortage?

Industry leaders disagree on how long the crisis will last.

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7 Negotiation Strategies to Get Your Investors Hooked

As your negotiations progress, you need to simultaneously get off on the right foot, maintain your leverage, win the investor's trust, think with an open mind and arrive at a mutual understanding.

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Never Underestimate the Value of What You Have to Offer, Says This Entrepreneur

Caroline Gogolak, founder and CEO of Saint Art, offers the keys to getting your dream project off the ground.

3 Ways to Stand Out from Competitors

Believe it or not, being better isn't your main objective.

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How I Went From Flat Broke to Millionaire 5 Times

Learn from my failures (and your own); don't ever let failing stop you from success in the long run.

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I Launched a PR Agency Even Though I'd Never Wanted to Start a Business

Borrowing from my marketing background, I split tested my career and found the perfect fit.

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How to Use Ethical Mind Control to Maximize Sales

Here's how to engineer your first impression with targeted social proof to earn you more opt-ins and sales.

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