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Payment of MSMEs Should Get Released in 45 Days, Says Nitin Gadkari

The MSME Minister vows to solve the problem of delayed payments, pollution, unemployment & more

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How Can Standalone Banquets Make Banquets Sector More Organized

The sector is very unorganized in the ways it deals its day to day business activities and this is how one can combat it


How Technology is Streamlining the Unorganised Indian Meat & Poultry Industry

Let's discuss how with technology customers can be provided the freshest stock in the quickest possible time, without any unpleasant experiences

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This Company Shows How Organized Waste Management is Need of the Hour

The ORS app will help you clear your junk and in return pay you for it


#6 Factors Curbing Progress Of India's B2B Sector

The B2B industry in India faces an absolute dearth of wholesalers and distributors.