How to Launch a Consulting Business (Pitching & Proposals)
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How to Launch a Consulting Business (Pitching & Proposals)

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60 Min
Originally aired May 30, 2019

Have you considered, or are currently making money from, your knowledge and experiences as a consultant? Would you like more control over your finances and schedule by finding the best way to monetize your background? It doesn't matter if you haven’t started or have a business already; this series of workshops is all about getting paid well for your skills. Discover how you can design a business around your life, as opposed to designing your life around your business.

During session 2, we'll discuss best practices for identifying and pitching clients. We'll also walk through how to create proposals that convert.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how to identify your audience and their needs
  • Learn best practices for prospecting without sounding too salesy
  • Learn how to quickly write proposals that convert
  • Understand how to manage expectations and client communication

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About This Webinar

During a workshop subject matter experts will deliver structured content along with additional resources for independent study. These sessions may also include interactive elements such as group and individual projects. All workshops will incorporate Q&A sections. Although not required, participants can maximize their experience by doing some research ahead of time, and coming prepared with specific questions.


Digital Marketing Expert-in-Residence, Entrepreneur
Terry Rice is the Digital Marketing Expert-in-Residence at Entrepreneur. His experience includes consulting roles at both Adobe and Facebook. In addition to working with established companies, he serves as a startup mentor at organizations including Techstars and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute.

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