The Four Essential Google Analytics Skills Needed to Understand Your Business
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The Four Essential Google Analytics Skills Needed to Understand Your Business

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60 Min
Originally aired Aug 20, 2019

Google Analytics can be one of the most powerful -- and confusing -- tools a business owner has at their disposal. The good news is, it's free. The bad news, if you don't know what you're doing, it's easy to get confused and frustrated. 

Like any analytics platform, the most important thing is to start with a business question, then determine how you can answer it using Google Analytics. We'll cover both during this interactive workshop. You'll discover the essential reports needed to understand your business, and how to run them in your own account. You'll also get access to a live account with real data, just in case yours isn't properly set up yet.

Continue the learning experience by completing additional case study questions after the event. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the major functions of Google Analytics, and how to analyze your data
  • Discover how to segment your data and glean valuable insights
  • Walk through the process of tracking conversions, including lead generation and purchases
  • Understand how to implement eCommerce reporting
  • Access to a live demo account and case study questions (with answers) for additional practice

About This Webinar

During a workshop subject matter experts will deliver structured content along with additional resources for independent study. These sessions may also include interactive elements such as group and individual projects. All workshops will incorporate Q&A sections. Although not required, participants can maximize their experience by doing some research ahead of time, and coming prepared with specific questions.


Founder at Built Within
Quaison ("Kwey-sin") Carter is a marketing strategist, consultant, and educator who delivers best in class marketing for brands and professionals looking to develop a foundation or stay ahead of what's happening in the digital marketing environment today to fulfill consumer's needs. He's the founder of Built Within which focuses on helping in-house brand teams and agencies start or improve their internal marketing capabilities, including clients like ExxonMobil and IMG Worldwide. He's also an instructor at education startup General Assembly and the former head of Organic & Performance Marketing at FIG.

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