Twitter for Business: How to Grow Your Brand and Find Clients
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Twitter for Business: How to Grow Your Brand and Find Clients

Carlos Gil Carlos Gil


Originally aired Nov 11, 2019

Twitter may not be as business-focused as other social networks such as LinkedIn, but don’t overlook the power of using Twitter to grow your business and find real customers. Twitter is one of the best places online to gain leads through meaningful relationships, market research, and more—and you don’t even have to gain followers to make an impact.

In this virtual workshop led by Carlos Gil, bestselling author of “The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI,” international keynote speaker, and former Sr. Manager, Social Media at LinkedIn, discover five unconventional ways to grow your business using Twitter. These tips will help you improve how you use Twitter as a sales and prospecting tool as well as build your brand. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The key to Twitter success is to gaining access to decision-makers you’re trying to sell to, rather than aimlessly posting and hoping the right people in the giant digital ocean of social media see your content. 
  • How to use Twitter as a search engine to uncover key prospects and leads for your business
  • Tools to discover what’s said about your brand, competitors, and industry in real-time
  • Effective methodologies to use LinkedIn and Twitter together for social selling
  • How to boost your brand organically and engage potential clients by monitoring industry conference hashtag feeds 
  • Tactics to build go-to prospect lists and become a world-class “digital savage”

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