Simple Ways Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs Can Be More Innovative and Resilient
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Simple Ways Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs Can Be More Innovative and Resilient

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60 Min
Originally aired Dec 04, 2019

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, join us for this webinar to learn how to incorporate innovation and resilience into your daily work habits. We’ll begin by uncovering ways to transform your thinking, and then we’ll identify methods to scan the environment for new opportunities while staying abreast of trends within your industry. After that, we’ll look at some of the things you can do to boost your creativity.

Next, you’ll learn how to become more resilient. We’ll discuss some professional setbacks that you might encounter and methods for overcoming and bouncing back from them. Finally, you’ll get additional tips for building resilient thinking so that you will be able to more quickly overcome challenges. We'll utilize a worksheet to incorporate these habits into your daily routine.

You’ll hear from Dr. Charlene Walters, a writer, entrepreneur, business and branding mentor and Vice Provost of Strayer University’s Digital Entrepreneurship MBA program.

Key Takeaways:

  • An outline of an Innovation Plan
  • The development of Creative Thinking Exercises and
  • The creation of Resiliency Reminders and Prompts

About This Webinar

During a workshop subject matter experts will deliver structured content along with additional resources for independent study. These sessions may also include interactive elements such as group and individual projects. All workshops will incorporate Q&A sections. Although not required, participants can maximize their experience by doing some research ahead of time, and coming prepared with specific questions.


Author, Speaker, Entrepreneurship/Motivational Coach, Personal Branding Mentor, Higher Ed. Executive

Charlene Walters is an executive and Business and Branding mentor who developed and leads a Digital Entrepreneurship MBA program. She enjoys combining her knowledge and love of Marketing/Branding with her passion for innovation and desire to help others succeed. Her biggest fulfillment comes from working one on one with entrepreneurs to hone their personal brands and further their business strategies. Charlene is also the author of Own Your Other a memoir about overcoming tragedy/loss and moving forward in life based on her own personal experience. As part of that, she serves as a motivational speaker and coach and to others.

Charlene also specializes in content creation, thought leadership development and video/script/curriculum development. She has created and taught numerous Business/Marketing courses and workshops, and has also held a variety of Sales, Management and Marketing roles at startups and larger corporations.

Charlene completed a BA in English at The University of Connecticut, an MBA/Management at St. Thomas University, and a PhD in Business Administration/Marketing at Northcentral University. Her doctoral research involved Consumer Internet Behavior and analyzing why consumers choose to make purchases on one site versus another.

Charlene currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is a writer, entrepreneur, life enthusiast and mother of two.

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