Top 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Top 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Tina Serio Tina Serio


Originally aired Feb 12, 2020

With growing saturation in the market, small-business owners need to be lean and smart with their marketing efforts. . And since time is money, being as efficient as possible is critical. Thankfully, digital marketing allows marketers at all levels to create compelling content to engage with their audience on conservative budgets

But even the truest intentions have their missteps. As you dive into 2020, we will be sharing 10 mistakes that we see many small businesses make and how to set yourself up for your best year yet! Register now. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn quick fixes to your digital strategy that will set you on the path to success today. 

  • Understand how to prioritize digital channels to find the right ones for your business to get started with.

  • Take home actionable website updates you can make in minutes.

  • Learn about underutilized tactics you’re not using today that can make a difference for your business. 


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