Save Money and Grow Your Business With These Negotiation Tactics

Save Money and Grow Your Business With These Negotiation Tactics

Alexandra Carter Alexandra Carter


Originally aired May 06, 2020

During these trying times, businesses are slowing down and many are suspending all work until we can safely return to a new normal. As a result, many entrepreneurs and leadership teams will need to negotiate with vendors and clients to avoid gaps in payments/services.
Our key guest, Alexandra Carter, author of ASK FOR MORE: Ten Questions to Negotiate Anything, is a Columbia Law School Professor, Director of the Mediation Clinic at Columbia Law School, and a world-renowned negotiation trainer for the United Nations. She shares with us her keys behind a successful negotiation. 

Plus, Alex will explore:
- Why asking the right questions is critical for negotiation and leadership
- The Ask for More framework for negotiation success
- Negotiation tactics to include in a proposal for your counterpart whether it’s a landlord, vendor, etc. about why you are unable to meet your obligations and why, regardless of that, you are a better choice than your competitors or another option
- Tactics to negotiate delayed payments by showing a plan for recovery. Your long-term prospects may make you a lot more attractive than starting over with someone else
- How you may need to alter your tactics when negotiating by phone, which removes in-person social cues, if in-person or video calls are not an option
- How to focus on the underlying problem rather than reaching directly for a solution.
- Dealing with the two emotions known to kill negotiations: fear and guilt, especially during this time of high emotion and anxiety
- How to find a common ground between what you want and what your client/vendor needs
- Negotiating with people in your home to make time and space for work at home while sustaining a work/life balance


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