How a Full Stack Approach leads to Personal and Business Success
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How a Full Stack Approach leads to Personal and Business Success


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Originally aired Jun 04, 2020

A “Full Stack” approach to life focuses on three important areas: Relationships, Business and Technology. In this session we will explain what is meant by Full Stack within UX and Design and why this is a good model to consider in the context of being an Executive or Entrepreneur.

We’ll begin by discussing importance of “Relationship with Yourself” and where it fits priority-wise. We will also review scientific studies that prove why your family relationships are extremely important to prevent burnout. Next, we’ll move on to discuss business aspects that you must master in order to be a Full Stack Executive; Leadership, Empathy and Adaptability. We will also discuss the importance of keeping up with advances in Technology to predict trends and prepare for disruptions. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Learn how and when to prioritize your business and personal responsibilities 

  • Thought model on how to approach Personal and Professional life through Full Stack approach 

  • Identify the key business aspects that you have to master in order to be a Full Stack Executive 

  • Actionable steps to improve across all three areas: Relationships, Business and Technology 



Leader. Entrepreneur. #FullStackExecutive.

I am a learnaholic, husband, father to 3 awesome kids and a successful executive. My approach to life revolves around a few principles: in order to be successful professionally, you need a strong foundation of mental and physical health and support system of family and friends.  Such a foundation allows one to focus on developing insatiable curiosity and the drive to achieve, which contribute to success in today’s exponentially complex life.

As the father of “digital family” I am focused on finding ways to organize and bring happiness and fulfillment to our lives. As a #FullStackExecutive, I work with the best developers, architects and technology executives in order to solve the most difficult technology challenges at scale for my clients. This begins with my ability to clearly understand business priorities and effectively communicate complex technical solutions to a broad spectrum of stakeholders – from very limited technical knowledge to my most technical counterparts.

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