Storytelling: The Key to Sales and Marketing Success

Storytelling: The Key to Sales and Marketing Success


Originally aired Mar 28, 2019

As a marketer or salesperson, how you get your point across is vital to your success. When should you sell with facts and figures? When should you try to speak to the buyer’s emotional subconscious instead? In general, people remember stories not just stats, so it's important to determine the right approach for your audience. Although storytelling is often thought of as an art, there are tried and true best practices we can all leverage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the elements of a great story
  • Craft your marketing message
  • See real-world examples of great storytelling
  • Understand when to sell with facts and figures versus stories


Max Baumann is an established serial entrepreneur in the food and beverage industry, having founded three successful companies: Bear Brands LLC, in 2017; Basemakers LLC, in 2015; and The Chill Group, Inc., in 2010. Max is currently focused on Bear Brands, makers of award-winning BEAR POWERFOODS® keto-friendly meal shakes. Max is also the current CEO of Basemakers, LLC, a retail sales organization for over 50 food and beverage companies such as Health-Ade Kombucha, RXBar and Bulletproof. Max founded his first business, The Chill Group, Inc., makers of the makers of JUST CHILL® beverages, at the age of 21. JUST CHILL pioneered a new subcategory of beverages, aiming to reduce stress and enhance mood without causing drowsiness. The Chill Group was acquired for a premium in August 2018 by Life on Earth, Inc. Max was selected for LA Business Journal’s ‘20 in their 20s’ and also been featured on the TODAY ShowWall Street Journal, Fox Business, CNN, Wharton@Work, and more. He resides in Venice, California and in his spare time, you can find him surfing along the Pacific coast. Baumann received his CPD in General Management from Wharton’s Executive Education program in April 2014 and is a currently the youngest Wharton Fellow.

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