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Turning a Passion into a Successful Business

How one former teacher found success as a Kumon franchise owner.

As a high school teacher and even later as a school principal, Sharon Tung never considered owning her own business. What she was certain of was her love for working with children and helping them succeed.


Now, more than 28 years later, she's found joy and business success as the owner and instructor at the Kumon of Plano – Carpenter Park Math and Reading Center in Plano, Texas.

Here, Tung shares some of her insights on turning a passion for teaching into a successful business.

When did you first hear about Kumon?

After I graduated college, I came to the U.S. and obtained a position as a principal at a Chinese school in Plano, Texas. I learned about Kumon from a student whose family relocated to Texas from New Jersey. I was impressed with this student's advanced academic skills.

Why did you decide to become a Kumon franchisee?

After meeting this student, I wanted to know more about Kumon. The more I learned, the more I knew opening my own Kumon after-school learning center was the direction I needed to take to better serve students. Kumon is the perfect business if education is your passion and you enjoy working with children of all ages.

How successful are you as a Kumon franchise owner?

I've been a Kumon instructor for more than 28 years. I first opened my center with eight students and now I have 200 students. I'm proud of how I grew my center over the years and what I have accomplished as a Kumon instructor and franchisee. Most of my students enrolled as kindergarteners and remained in the program for many years.

How would you describe your experience as a Kumon instructor?

I immediately feel energized the moment I walk into my center. It's a very rewarding experience overall. As an instructor, the energy of my students makes me feel 20 years younger. For the student, I'm guiding and exercising their minds to realize their full potential.

What would you say to others who may be considering opening a Kumon franchise?

I love being a Kumon business owner and the past 28+ years have been the best years of my life. It changed my life and I know the Kumon method of instruction contributes toward the betterment of my students' future. Many of my students have been accepted into top universities such as MIT, Harvard and Stanford. There is no doubt in my mind that the learning skills my students acquire while studying at my center gave them the edge to be accepted at Ivy League schools of their choice.

About Kumon Franchise

More than 1,200 people in the U.S. have made the decision to open their own Kumon franchise and bring this unique learning method to their local communities. These individuals join more than 20,000 instructors of Kumon Math and Reading Centers worldwide as franchisees of the world's largest education franchise. In addition to combining a passion for education with entrepreneurship, Kumon offers an impressive level of support for their franchisees.

All Kumon franchisees receive initial financial incentives valued at $19,000 to assist in start-up costs. Franchisee support goes well beyond that, as Kumon assists all new franchisees in the development of a concrete business plan, supports local marketing with national student recruitment initiatives and provides ongoing training, and opportunities to learn from experts at annual conferences.

Visit to learn more about joining the number one education franchise.


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